I am unable to send e-mail messages from my iPhone5. I know the answer in somewhere in the settings, but I cannot seem to find where. Any help would be appreciated.
My MacBook Pro is model 4.1 running Yosemite 10.10.1.  It has only 2 GB of RAM.  It is obvious that this computer is not able to run this OSX because it is incredibly slow!  I have done all of the…
I am familiar with producing iAds using JavaScript but have hit upon a problem when using the HTML place holder from the 'Dynamic Content' section.   I have set up the htmlView.html file with the…
Hi folks, dear support,   I am having an problem accessing my CloudKit Dashboard. I am clicking this "CloudKit Dashboard" button from Xcode and getting following error in Safari: It worked fine…
Hi, I'm running:   OS X: 10.9.5 Build 13F34 Mac Book Pro Mid 2010 Boot-ROM-Version:    MBP61.0057.B0F SMC-Version (System):    1.58f17   Even though alle updates available are installed, my…
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Hi all, I've booted into Safe Mode because I've been having spinning beachballs and unresponsiveness, but for some reason my external USB drive isn't showing up in 'Finder' and I need to run Time…
Good day all,   Since installing 10.9.5 My mail is mixing threads up (emails from different people about different topics are mixed up with other threads which are not related) Also the messages in…
Purchased a Macbook for my Mother as I do not want to use another windows product. I need to delete a newly created Apple Id I created in error forgetting she already had a apple ID, any suggestions?
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How do I organise my Date column?? I can't seem to find the resolution.   I want to organise it from the start of the financial year.   Many thanks  
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