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TS2715: iTunes creates an empty library file in Windows

Learn about iTunes creates an empty library file in Windows


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  I have just transferred my iTunes library from my PC to a new iMac.  All my media is there; I can see it.  However, some songs play great and some need to be "located."   It may be purchased vs. ripped.  Ideas?
by DougFromDC in iTunes for Windows
47 1 1 week ago by turingtest2
  My songs will not play due to Itunes stating it cannot locate original file
by gregoryfromnv in iTunes for Windows
93 1 1 week ago by turingtest2
  My computer crashed and I lost my audiobooks, how can I recover them?
by trevor0013 in iTunes for Windows
53 0 1 month ago by trevor0013
  Why does iTunes delete my itunesprefs.xml?
by iJimB in iTunes for Windows
23,030 228 1 month ago by laurenfaffler
  my computer crashed,then without me doing anything it must have went into some sort of recovery mode and cleaned everything i had off and went back to as if i had just got it new clearing everything including my whole itnes library ,but i thought apple ke
by edwapete in iTunes for Windows
99 1 1 month ago by roaminggnome
  I have updated software on itunes and my iphone4 and at least 100 of my songs in itunes will no longer play or sync on to my iphone. They all have an exclamation mark! to the left of the song title in the library. Please help!
by rio2302 in iTunes for Windows
91 1 1 month ago by Allan Eckert
  Itunes drops ratings and groupings
by Marsriggs in iTunes for Windows
59 0 1 month ago by Marsriggs
  Why does my music keep on getting wiped from Itunes completely?
by emskie76 in iTunes for Windows
195 5 2 months ago by turingtest2
  All of my music in iTunes has disappeared.  Two years worth of music and work, GONE!  How can I get it back?
by smboyd in iTunes for Windows
411 6 2 months ago by smboyd
  Why has all my music has disappeared from itunes?
by Maggie216 in iTunes for Windows
276 1 2 months ago by mario49
  So despite my best practices I have lost some media off disks due to a HD failure.  Why can't I recover thise files I purchased from the Apple Store?  With itunes?
by geery in iTunes for Windows
97 2 3 months ago by diesel vdub
  i need to find the original play list, i had to create a new account because I couldnt reset my password, now all those songs are gone and only the new ones are there
by Granny@200 in iTunes for Windows
99 1 3 months ago by diesel vdub
  i loss my photos and contacts
by kathula10019 in iTunes for Windows
100 1 3 months ago by roaminggnome
  how to sync my music not purchased from my iphone to a new computer
by dareshell in iTunes for Windows
137 1 4 months ago by mario49
  I changed my apple id and secruity info and now can't find my music.  My library is empty...what happened and how do I access all my music
by chefleuschner in iTunes for Windows
90 0 4 months ago by chefleuschner
  I burned a CD to Itunes but it doesn't show up in my library. Where is it?
by Apcor in iTunes for Windows
112 0 4 months ago by Apcor
  my itunes library is completely gone
by JenKordek1 in iTunes for Windows
11,783 5 5 months ago by turingtest2
  I moved all my music files.....lost all playlists and more....
by ozbuddy in iTunes for Windows
2,424 14 5 months ago by turingtest2
  I can see songs that I purchased on my phone, but when I touch them it jumps past it to the following song.
by ScottSower in iTunes for Windows
89 0 6 months ago by ScottSower
  missing purchases of videos and albums
by karenpierre1 in iTunes for Windows
280 3 6 months ago by Barry1080
  How do I get music from my library on the computer to be back on my itunes home page?
by kcollins0109 in iTunes for Windows
230 1 7 months ago by matt00
  my PC crashed
by philter66 in iTunes for Windows
143 1 7 months ago by roaminggnome
  my music, apps, movies everything has disappeared from my itunes library!
by miller2x in iTunes for Windows
2,621 2 7 months ago by turingtest2
  when starting Itunes 11.04 it can't find the library file
by pursuant123 in iTunes for Windows
307 3 8 months ago by matt00
  recovering paid and lost games back?
by Nkavlak in iTunes for Windows
393 4 8 months ago by turingtest2
  My other computer dead by a virus and I lost all my music.  I purchase a lot on I Tunes. How can I recover . I Tunes has records of all the music I buy in my old computer. Please Help Me. I have an I pod Mini and I lost the music there....How I recover?
by pedroamy in iTunes for Windows
185 1 9 months ago by Niel
  I am having difficulty locating my library. This has just happened, after using iTunes for many years. What's up with that?
by geojobowden in iTunes for Windows
152 1 9 months ago by ariel s
  iTunes not showing imported music, but showing purchased music ...
by awilhelm87 in iTunes for Windows
1,684 1 9 months ago by braden85
  Itunes can not find my music files. But I can with Windows . Lost over 8 hours trying to fix stupid itunes, Even removed it and reinstalled. Still nothing.
by thomasfromtn in iTunes for Windows
166 1 10 months ago by turingtest2
  updated my itunes and signed it but my music library is empty
by seagraves76 in iTunes for Windows
206 1 11 months ago by matt00

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