• ARD Settings via Profile Manager

    Hello all,   Trying to solve an issue here. At my current institution, all users are local admins. This means they can pretty much change anything on the machine, except that I have profile manager pushing setti...
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  • Apple remote desktop how to authorize chat

    When I go to interact and choose chat I get this message:  Chat is not authorized on this computer.   How/where  do I authorize the computer to be able to chat?
    Antonio Rocco
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  • ARD 'Connection Failed …' Message.

    Hi.   I recently purchased ARD and am attempting to control a remote Mac mini.   I can connect, i.e. the remote computer appears under 'All Computers' in ARD and its 'Current Status' is 'Available',&nb...
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  • Safari Homepage - How to set to Home Page

    Using Apple Remote Desktop, how do I initiate Safari, to began with a preferred web site?   Example, I have 50 Mac(s) on my network, and I want each users automatically began on a specific default web site as th...
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  • ARD 3.8 - iMac is ''Available'' but report requests are not accepted

    Hi, Running 3.8 on 10.9.5 for both ARD computer and clients. When querying reports from group of 5 available iMacs, only 4 are successfully executed; iMac number 5 fails task with ''non authorized'' status. However...
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  • ARD Observe/Control Cursor Freezing

    When observing and/or controlling a machine (persistent on/lan and vpn) the cursor in the screensharing window in my machine will freeze, flash and become unresponsive, the only way to resume normal operation (nothing...
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  • Can't import ARD Plist

    So I've been trying to copy over the "com.apple.RemoteDesktop.plist" file into /Users/username/Library/Containers/com.apple.RemoteDesktop/Data/Library/Prefere nces/com.apple.RemoteDesktop.plist.   The file that'...
    Steven Simon2
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  • ARD 3.8 all computers greyed out

    Recently my copy of ARD 3.8 (running on an iMac with 10.10.5) has been acting in a way that all of the computers are greyed out and not reporting status.  When I login via a different user the software seems to b...
    created by BPHelp
  • ARD 3.8.4 stuck in connecting prompt

    Hi All,   I recently migrated my old working mac to a new mac retina. And  I'm trying to use ARD 3.8.4 from my home mac to connect to this new working mac.   Both mac's system are up to date (10.10.5...
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  • What does a warning notice on console mean

    There is a black and yellow warning icon that just appeared on the console? Can you tell me what it means?
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  • ARD Clients Status Says Offline but Online

    Does anyone also have a problem where certain ARD clients statuses say that they are "offline", yet they are technology online and are still available to control and observe? I have an entire list where half of the cl...
    Bette Piacente
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  • Problems with Apple Remote Desktop in Mavericks

    Since updating to Mavericks and ARD 3.7, the software had been running extremely slow. My laptop fans will spin up, CPU usage increased, etc, and I would have to keep force quitting and re-opening ARD every few minute...
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  • How to use ARD in two directions

    I installed this program on my desktop at the office and I also have a desktop at home. I can only work from office to home and not vice versa. Can somebody help me how to work in the other direction?
    created by ccsv
  • Can't share admin screen with more than one computer

    Apple Remote Desktop 3.8 on my MacBook Pro (Retina, mid 2014) OS X 10.10.5 17 clients with ARD Client 3.8.4, OS X 10.9.5 (mixed iMacs, 2011 to 2013 models) I can control, observe, copy, etc., etc. BUT I can't share ...
    Jean-Rene Dastugue
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  • How do i switch from one language to the other? although I ticked it to show on the menu bar I can't find it. Thank you.

    Hi, How do i switch from one language to the other? although I ticked it to show on the menu bar I can't find it. Thank you
    Tom Gewecke
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  • slow rdp printing

    After upgrading our infrastructure to use server 2012r2 remote desktop services (due to an IE dependent application), our end users are reporting (and I can duplicate) that printing to redirected printers is "slow".&n...
    created by OSXnM$
  • VNC password wont change

    Hello all,I am new to using these forums so please be gentle!   Problem: I am trying to set up a password for "screen sharing" on my iMac running Mountain Lion. I click in "computer settings" in the sharing opti...
    created by ieuanm
  • Push ARD client installer pkg through ARD

    Hello,   I work for IT in a school and we a making some changes with our IT department. Our administrator accounts on our computers are very sporadic and have been changed so many times by different people and t...
    created by v0elkl
  • Unix command to change admin password

    What is the unit command to change admin password using ARD
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  • launchd process to enable Remote Management

    Hi Everyone,   I'm an IT assistant at a school and we used Remote Desktop to monitor and deploy packages etc to our Students and Teachers. All the students have Admin rights as they are allowed to take them hom...
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