How to eject your disc?

Last Modified: Oct 15, 2011 4:57 AM

Slot loading optical drives no longer have the pinhole next to the optical drive to eject discs. As a result, if you have a slot loading drive (as opposed to one where a tray allows you to insert the disc), you have several options to eject a disc:


1. Restart the machine holding down the (left, or only) mouse button.
2. Open Applications -> iTunes, and select the eject disc icon on its window.
3. Open Applications -> DVD Player and eject disc from the DVD Player.
4. On PowerPC Macs, follow these instructions:


5. On Intel Macs, follow these instructions:
- - Open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
- - Type on the Terminal window

drutil eject -drive internal



6. Several third party solutions are posted here:


7. Take it in for service.


Above all, remember this article to avoid this happening again: