How to eject your disc?

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Last Modified: Jan 17, 2012 4:56 AM

Slot loading optical drives no longer have the pinhole next to the optical drive to eject discs. As a result, if you have a slot loading drive (as opposed to one where a tray allows you to insert the disc), you have several options to eject a disc.  They are outlined below.  But first if you aren't sure there is a disc in the drive, make sure it isn't invisible because of the System Preferences from the Apple menu known as CDs & DVDs or Finder preferences.    If all the media types is set to show up in the Finder, rather than other applications, and you reboot, the disc should appear on your desktop.  Make sure to move any excess files that are not drives to their own folders so you can see if the CD is there.   Here's the CDs & DVDs System Preference.  In each of the menus on the right you can pull "Open in Finder" or "Open with Finder"


Finder menu -> Preferences -> General also lets you control what appears on the Desktop:



Make sure all are checked. 

Once the discs are definitely on the desktop, you can eject them by dragging them to the Trash icon on yoru Dock (the translucent toolbar with your programs).


And the Sidebar preferences in the same window:



If the removable media are shown using the checkbox above, any Finder window will show the CDs that are on your system.  Once there, move your mouse pointer to the right of the discs in the Sidebar and wait for the eject icon Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 12.53.20 PM.png to appear and you can eject discs that way.  In Mac OS X Lion, all removable media will have the icon there without having to hover over that side.  The sidebar is invisible on some Mac OS X versions, and can can be made visible again by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the Finder window, or going to the View menu and selecting Show Toolbar.

If none of these choices lets you eject your disc follow these steps:


1. Restart the machine holding down the (left, or only) mouse button.
2. Open Applications -> iTunes, and select the eject disc icon on its window.
3. Open Applications -> DVD Player and eject disc from the DVD Player.
4. On PowerPC Macs, follow these instructions on Apple's
How to article 2179


5. On Intel Macs, follow these instructions:
- - Open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
- - Type on the Terminal window

drutil eject -drive internal

- - Followed by the Return or Enter key (whichever is on the right hand side of the main body of keys on your keyboard including letters and numbers).


6. Several third party solutions are posted here:


7. Reseting the SMC as described in Apple's:

How To article 3964


8. Take it in for service.


Above all, remember this article to avoid this happening again: