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How to make all iBooks files, including PDFs, accessible on all devices

The way books, especially those not purchased from the iBooks Store, sync across to all devices has changed with recent iterations of iTunes and iBooks. If you do not see all your files, including your PDFs, on all devices, confirm your preferences and settings are correct.



1a.  On your Mac: System Preferences > iCloud > under the iCloud Drive heading > iBooks must be turned ON.

      UT- iBooks 1a.png


1b.  iBooks > Preferences > General > Sync > Sync bookmarks, highlights and collections across devices should be checked.

      UT- iBooks 1b.png


2.  On your device: Settings > your name > iCloud > iCloud Drive and iBooks must be ON.

     UT- iBooks 2a.jpg UT- iBooks 2b.png


3a.  On your device, in iBooks app: tap on Collections at top center of screen (the name appearing there will vary depending on which Collection you’re browsing).

       On iPad you’ll see a pull down menu appear. On iPhone you’ll see a new screen.

     UT- iBooks 3aa.jpg UT- iBooks 3ab.jpg


3b.  At the bottom of the screen, ensure Hide iCloud Books is NOT selected.

     UT- iBooks 3ba.jpg UT- iBooks 3bb.png


4.  All your iBooks files stored in iCloud Drive should now appear in iBooks on your device. To download the file to local storage, tap on the cloud icon.

      UT- iBooks 4 2.jpg



Note: Instructions and illustrations are based on macOS 10.13 High Sierra and iOS 11.


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