kpmg5: Adding an Internal Bluetooth Card to a Powermac

Last Modified: Feb 22, 2011 4:06 PM
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FAQ: Can I add internal bluetooth to a PowerMac G5?

The current Powermac G5 product offering allows a consumer the option of purchasing a Powermac G5 with internal bluetooth as a build to order option only. If you purchase a Powermac directly from a store, you will not have internal Bluetooth functionality.

You can, however, have an internal bluetooth card installed in your Powermac G5 Dual-Processor System only. (Single Processors are not eligible for the upgrade).

Just contact your local Authorized Apple Service Provider and request the Powermac G5 Bluetooth Upgrade kit.

The upgrade kit, however, is NOT offered as a self installable component.

For more information, please review the specifications page at: Powermac and review the section under wireless.

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