kidvd: How do I fix out of sync audio? (iDVD)

Last Modified: Feb 22, 2011 4:17 PM
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From time to time, especially when the original DV stream was in 12-bit audio, an exported iMovie will have audio which falls out of synchronization with the video. How do I fix it?

1. Buy QuickTime Pro 5 or 6 depending on your system.

2. Export your iMovie in the format you need (iDVD for a DV stream ready for import to iDVD).

3. Open your QuickTime movie in QuickTime Pro.

4. Extract the audio track from that movie. (It will put it in a new untitled movie. Now you have two movies, but the untitled one only has your old audio track).

5. Delete the audio track from the movie: under edit, select "delete tracks" and choose to delete the audio track.

6. Select the new untitled movie audio and copy it to the clipboard: "select all", and then click "copy".

7. Go back to the original movie and click "add scaled".

Voila! The audio track will be the same length as your video track and should solve your problem. Now it is ready to drag into iDVD for encoding. It sounds worse than it is.

Ed (with Credit to Wendy who posted the original fix summary procedure)

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