kmail: Can I use Mail to access my AOL emails?

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Q: Can I use Apple Mail in Tiger to get my AOL emails?

A: Yes, you can access your AOL emails via mail by completing the following:

1. Mail>Preferences>Accounts>Click on the + sign
2. Account type: IMAP
3. Account Description: AOL MAIL (Or any other name you would like)
4. Full Name (Enter the name you want to appear after your email address
5. Email address (Enter
7. Incoming mail server:
8. User Name: Your aol signon name without the
9. Password: Your aol password
10. Place a check in front of "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
11. Authentication: Password
12. Outgoing mail
13. Place a checkmark in front of Use Authentication
14. Enter your AOL signon name and password
15. Change your server port on your outgoing mail server to 587
(Mail, accounts,<Account Name>, Account Information, server settings)
16. Change the port to 993 under the IMAP Path Prefex:
(Mail, accounts,<Account name>, advanced)

You should now have access to send/receive your AOL emails.

You may also use the AOL Service Assistant that will enable you to set up the following Apple applications to work with the AOL service:

• Mail - The AOL Service Assistant makes it easy to configure Mac OS X Mail to send and receive AOL mail. If you've used the existing AOL for Mac OS X product, you can also import your incoming and outgoing messages from your Personal Filing Cabinet into Mail.

• iChat - You can now easily set up iChat to work with your Screen Name.

• Address Book - Using the AOL Service Assistant, you can now easily import your AOL Address Book contacts into your Mac OS X Address Book without bringing in duplicate entries.

• Safari - AOL Service Assistant enables you to import your Favorite Places into a folder in the Safari Bookmarks Bar.

AOL Service Assistant tip provided by: Ali Brown

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