kichat: How do I reinstall iChatAV 3.x?

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How do I reinstall iChatAV 3.x?

This is for the Tiger upgrade discs only. To reinstall iChatAV 2.x on Panther, see this FAQ.

The Easy Way:
Insert your Tiger DVD into your drive. Once the DVD loads, open the "Optional Installs" package. Click through until you get the option of choosing what you'd like to install. Under the "Applications" drop down menu in the panel of software to install, simply choose iChatAV and let the installer do the work. Next, scroll down to "Possible Problems" below.

The Hard Way:
Download Pacifist. Insert the Tiger install DVD into the drive and open Pacifist. Click the “Open Mac OS X Install Packages” button on Pacifist. This will load the DVD.

Once the DVD has loaded, there is a list of the contents from the DVD. Navigate to: Contents of OS Install/Contents of iChat/Applications/ . This is where is located and what will need to be extracted/installed to your computer. Alternatively, you may perform a search on the directory listing with ‘iChat.’

Once the iChatAV application is found, highlight/select it and extract it to the computer by clicking “Extract to” or “Install.” Be sure to install iChatAV to the /Applications/ folder on your hard drive (not your user folder). Repair permissions after the reinstallation just to prevent any quirky behavior by using Disk Utility located in /Applications/Utilities/. Then you should be all set to use iChatAV 3.0. Be sure to update to the latest version, as noted below.

Possible Problems:
If problems still persist, you might find it worthwhile to reinstall the InstantMessage.framework folder (/System/Library/Framworks) and VideoConference.framework folder (/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks). You can reinstall either/both of these folders by modeling the steps in "The Hard Way" noted above except just reinstall the folders and not the application. You will need Pacifist for this procedure.

After completing the reinstallation of iChatAV, download the latest version of iChat that is included with the latest version of the OS, 10.4.x. Good luck!

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