kfce: FCE Capture: dropped frames and other

Last Modified: Feb 22, 2011 4:56 PM
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Many users have reported various problem with FCE 2.0 and Panther:

1. Inability to abort the capture using escape.
2. A significant delay in capturing video, but audio is captured causing a long (up to several 10's of seconds) sync problem.
3. "Dropped frame" aborts and/or reports on capture from the very start.

I had all of these problems and got rid of them by turning Norton Antivirus autoprotection OFF. No other system change was necessary.

I successfully capture to an internal (Apple original IBM) 60GB disc, and to external Firewire discs (EZQuest 120GB 7200rpm) connected to a Belkin PCI Firewire interface with the camera (Sony DSR-PDX10) connected to the Apple internal Firewire interface.

System: G4/733 Superdrive, 768MB memory (256MB Apple, 512MB (single stick) MacSolutions), lots of other stuff attached to USB; original Superdrive replaced with Pioneer 107D from MCETECH.


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