kynote: Create two column bullet lists in Keynote

Last Modified: Feb 22, 2011 5:32 PM
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Here's a tip that has helped many users overcome the single bullet box limitation of Keynote 1 and 2:

1. Make slide 1 with your first column of bullets on it.
2. Dupe the slide and put NO transition between the two slides
3. Copy the bullet box
4. Open the Preview app and choose New from Clipboard from the File menu
5. Copy the whole thing (just hit command-c after you've created the new Preview document)
6. Paste this back onto slide 2 and put it exactly on top of the current bullet box so you can't tell there are 2 of them
7. Send the new pasted bullet list to the back of the slide (or at least behind the original editable bullet box)
8. Click on the original bullet box and shift-drag it over to the right to where you want it to appear (to the right of the pasted box). You should now have two columns of bullets that look exactly the same
9. Edit the right bullet box with your new information.

You've now got 2 slides that appear to the person watching as ONE slide with 2 columns building in 1 bullet at time all the way through both columns.

Also, if you want numbered bullets, you'll have to override the auto function on slide 2 and manually add numbers for each bullet as Keynote won't let you start a bullet list on a specific number. Still no one will know but you

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