kitunes: Can I add radio stations to iTunes?

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Last Modified: Feb 22, 2011 6:09 PM
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Yes, you can add radio stations to iTunes. However, you cannot add the radio stations to the “Radio” source in the source list. You only have the ability to add radio stations into the “Library” source.

You can always make a Smart Playlist, though, and name it something such as “My Radio Stations” or a name of your choice. What this will do is organize all of your personal radio stations that are not listed in the "Radio" source and create easy access and some organization to your downloaded internet radio stations in iTunes. To find internet radio stations, here are a few links:

DDance.FM Digital Dance Radio
Macstreams/Rogue Amoeba
UK Radio Stations
Radio-Locator (not the best for locating online radio feeds)

There are other sites, of course. When you go to these sites, you will see lists of internet radio stations. To get the station of your choice into iTunes, you will need to download either the .pls, .m3u, or .mp3 file from that station. Once the file has downloaded, find it on your computer and double-click it. This should open iTunes. Note: XM Radio Online will not work for this. If it ever does work, I will update this. Sorry! If not, drag the file into iTunes Library and it will import into your library. Now, onto organizing and creating the Smart Playlist of your internet radio stations.

To create a Smart Playlist based on the internet radio stations you have downloaded, go to File > New Smart Playlist. A window will appear asking you for information. Make sure the “Match the following condition:” box is checked. From the first drop down menu, choose “Kind.” From the second drop down menu, choose “is”. To the right of that is a blank field where you can enter in what kind of file you wish to have in this Smart Playlist. You will want to add “MPEG audio stream” (without quotes) in that field.

Lastly, check the box that says “Live Updating” which will update your Smart Playlist of radio stations when you add more stations to your library. Then whenever you want to listen to your favorite radio station, you can click on that Smart Playlist in the source list and you will see all the internet radio stations you have added to iTunes.

Enjoy the music!

Note: There is no way of adding an internet radio station to the "Radio" source list in iTunes. Contacting Apple more than likely won't yield a response, but you can list your station on Shoutcast, Live365, RogueAmoeba (links listed above) to be seen and heard by listeners worldwide.

iTunes does not support Windows Media Player format or Real Player One format, so those streams cannot be played through iTunes and must be played through their respective applications.

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