kichat: I've deleted iChatAV 2-Can I get it back?

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If you've deleted iChat AV 2.x for Panther, and you still have the original install discs for Panther, you can get iChat AV back by following these instructions.

If you don’t have the original Panther Upgrade discs and have a newer computer that came pre-installed with Panther (Software Restore discs), see below about half a page. Otherwise, you’re out of luck if you don’t have either the Upgrade or Software Restore discs that came with your computer.

Using the Panther Upgrade Discs:
Pacifist is a utility used for extracting install disk files. Here are the instructions you need to reinstall iChat AV 2.0 from the Panther install disks.

First, download Pacifist.

From the three Panther Upgrade discs, put Install Disk 1 into the CD drive. When it loads, hit the button labeled "Open Mac OS X Install Packages" on the Pacifist application. This button will only be available once Pacifist loads the disc.

It will later prompt you to insert Disk 2, and then Disk 3. Follow the directions as to what disc it tells you to insert. Finally, it asks once more for Disk 1; so insert it again.

Then a window opens up listing all of the directories from the Panther Upgrade discs. Here's where you need to navigate to on the resulting window to find iChat AV 2.0. Go to the following directory:
Contents of OSInstall.mpkg
Contents of EssentialSystemSoftware.mpkg
Contents of Essentials.pkg

Then you can either install or extract iChat AV to the /Applications folder on your computer. Note: This folder is the Applications folder under your hard drive and NOT the Applications folder under your home folder.

This procedure will install the iChat AV 2.0. You may upgrade to the latest version of iChat AV via this link.

If that doesn't work, it is possible two other folders were corrupted. Those folders are InstantMessage.framework and VideoConference.framework. You will need to reinstall those both (ONLY if the above method of installation does NOT work) by seeing the following message:
"Internal Error Message" #34 or the bottom of this page. Install both folders under the same path.

Software Restore Discs (for newer computers that came preinstalled with Panther):
Similar instructions apply if you don't have the Panther Upgrade discs.

You should have received two Software Restore CD’s with the purchase of your computer. Insert Software Restore Disc 1 into your computer and restart. It will walk you through the process of installing the OS. It will come to a point when you’re asked where you want to install it and the disc will check for previous installations of Panther. It will notify you that Panther has already been installed, so you must click the “Options” button and do an Archive and Install. (Note: see Apple's Support Document for more information on this). This will save your files on your computer and won’t tamper with them. You will also see a resulting menu that gives advanced install options. Uncheck all of the boxes except “Additional Applications.”

This installs all of the applications that were originally installed in the computer's Application folder, not your home folder, and may reset some of those applications, but it'll reinstall iChat AV 2.0. You may then upgrade to the latest version of iChatAV.

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