kituneswin: When I try to download iTunes, only a blue box appears!

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Last Modified: Feb 22, 2011 7:52 PM
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Problem: When trying to download iTunes from the iTunes Download Page, the blue box on the left side of the page is blank and the download button is not visible.

The most common solution to this is to disable McAfee Privacy Service or any similar programs you may have running on your computer. Disabling the program(s) should allow the next on the blue box to appear, along with the download box, letting you download iTunes. After you complete this, reenable your privacy software to ensure the continued protection of your computer.

If the problem persists you may want to consider a different web browser and see if the problem persists.

There are many alternate browsers available (instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Here are some options...
Mozilla Firefox
Opera Web Browser


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