What do I need for iCloud on a Mac?

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Explains the full assortment of system requirements for iCloud.  What you can see is at least Safari 5, which is avaialble for Mac OS X 10.5 can access some iCloud features.  For a complete listing of what's supported and what is not in pre-Mac OS X 10.7.2, see:




For migration tips from MobileMe, see:



For full iCloud support virtualization of Windows 7 or Vista is an alternative that some may wish to consider if one wishes to maintain PowerPC application compatibility that does not exist in Mac OS X 10.7. Note, you will have to choose a 32bit incarnation of either version of Windows unless your Core2Duo is also amongst the 64bit supporting Windows on this article:




Also if one has an Intel Core Solo or Intel CoreDuo, or a Core2Duo with under 2 GB of RAM, installing virtualization may be your only solution to use certain iCloud features since Lion won't install on anything less than a Core2Duo with 2 GB of RAM.  PowerPC Macs won't install either Vista or Windows 7 on virtualization since they are too slow.  Third party alternatives exist for them like Chronosync and numerous webhosts, including possibly your own internet provider if you wish to sync across the internet.   Those upgrading to 10.7.2 for iCloud full support, should read this tip first:


Lion upgrade questions



I strongly recommend if you feel iCloud needs further support to post to: