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How to uninstall a program?

I need to uninstall a program. How can I do it?


Contact the developer.  In the future you may want to use an uninstaller on your Mac installed before other software gets installed, such as:

Smith Micro's Spring Cleaning


Note many of these maintenance tools can be more damage than good if they are run at the wrong time, or the data integrity on the machine is not great.  Always backup your data before using such tools.  Also, without a backup, if you remove a program, you may not be able to get it back.  Sometimes if a program uses shared resources and it removes a shared resource, it may disable another program.  A clone backup before any install with either Carbon Copy Cloner or Superduper will allow you to recover the system to the state just before the install. Make sure your clone is bootable and exactly the same size as the original.  If it isn't your cloning software may be engaging in archiving instead of cloning.


Most software you can just delete and it will be gone.  Some install fonts, and other preferences that might cause problems for different versions if installed later.   Others include an uninstaller in the software disc to be used if you need to remove them.


Common programs people have asked for help uninstalling include:

Pace Antivirus.

Flashback virus.




Others will be added as time allows.  


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