Restore Original Smart Playlists

Last Modified: Apr 16, 2014 5:49 PM

The images below show the rules of the standard smart playlists that an iTunes library starts out with and can be used as a guide to rebuild any of them you may have deleted or modified in error. Click on an image to see it in more detail.


To rebuild any of the lists use File > New Smart Playlist... and then enter the rules as shown. With iTunes 11 you may need to press Alt or Ctrl+B to access the menu bar (and optionally Ctrl+S to enable the playlist sidebar). As you change options in each row, working from left to right, the relevant selection boxes or value fields will appear. Use the + symbol to create a new line, - to remove one and the ellipsis ... to create a new subclause. It is probably best to use these controls to recreate the overall row structure before setting the individual options. When you have finished entering the rules click OK and then give the playlist its name.


Default Smart Playlists

90's Music

Classical Music

Music Videos

My Top Rated

Recently Added

Recently Played

Top 25 Most Played



90's Music^ Top


Smart Playlist 90's Music.png



Classical Music^ Top


Smart Playlist Classical Music.png


The original definition for this contains many rules which match with the word "Classical" in different languages. When rebuilding it for your own needs it may be better to include alternate classical styles, e.g. opera, choral, baroque etc.



Music Videos^ Top


Smart Playlist Music Video.png



My Top Rated^ Top


Smart Playlist My Top Rated.png



Recently Added^ Top


Smart Playlist Recently Added.png



Recently Played^ Top


Smart Playlist Recently Played.png



Top 25 Most Played^ Top






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