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Last Modified: Dec 22, 2011 4:52 AM

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Thanks to Christina Rodgriguez for this User Tip.


The majority of problems users experience in Final Cut Pro can usually be summed up to incorrect sequence settings: settings that don't match your footage properties.


It's easy to notice if your sequence setting are incorrect… if your footage needs rendering when you add it to your sequence, before you ever add any filters or additional tracks to your sequence, it means a sequence setting somewhere is wrong.


For the new or intermediate user, it is not easy to distinguish what is wrong and what is right, which is why we always ask posters to include their sequence settings and footage properties… And the best way to go about this is taking screen shots…


The second most common issue that occurs is footage is that your footage may indeed match your sequence settings, but it is compressed with a codec such as H.264, which is very taxing on your system and FCP does not like, but that's another topic that may be coming soon or may be added here soon...


Back to sequence settings… to post your sequence settings from within your sequence or with your sequence selected in the browser, press command-0 (zero).


This window should pop up (please note that the sequence settings here are just for reference and are not necessarily appropriate for your scenario)\


FCP-sequence settings.png


Press shift-command-4. Your cursor should turn into cross-hairs. Highlight around your settings. An image beginning with the name "Screen shot…" should appear on your desktop.



Now, open up your footage in Quicktime Pro, press command-I (get info) and take another snapshot.






If your issue is with any still image or imported graphic in your sequence, open it up in Preview, press command-I, screen shot, and upload.





Go to your FCP Forum post, click on the camera icon and upload your images.





Good luck! Hopefully we can help you figure out your issue.


And  final note from Michael Grenadier


Please post back with the resolution of the issue and "close the thread."  Help others with the same problem.