How to fix iPhone 4S that will not autoconnect in car

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Last Modified: Jan 10, 2012 5:52 AM

@Pir800 and others have reported problems getting an iPhone to autoconnect to a Bluetooth devlce. My iPhone 4S will not autoconnect to my cars Bluetooth while my iPhone 4 would autoconnect with no issues. ... The 4S will connect if I manually connect it under Bluetooth settings, but this is not something I should ever need to.


HadiM, after much investigation, found a solution. He or she first tried the straightforward approach: Before pairing the new phone to the car's stereo, made sure to delete the old phone entry from the car as well as the car entry from the phone. However, the iPhone would connect manually but not autoconnect.


The Solution:


HadiM:I finally noticed that every time I restored the phone, I was always using the same name. This is also the same name I was using for the old phone. So, I deleted the entries on both devices, renamed the phone to a completely different name and paired the 2 devices voila!!! The new phone works flawlessly.


So if you have this problem of not autoconnecting to a BlueTooth device try renaming your phone.


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