Can Macs use Blu-ray discs?

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Last Modified: Jan 21, 2014 7:08 PM

Until recently Macs using Mac OS X could only author Blu-ray discs.  Third Party Solutions include






Directions for using iDeer are also online.


Options for authoring Blu-ray have come from Apple in the form of Compressor in Final Cut Studio, and the third party Roxio Toast Titanium.

Blu-ray burners that work with them include ones sold by OtherWorld Computing and MCETechnologies and both can replace the built-in DVD burner of

most Macs.  The built-in drive on Macs do not support Blu-ray as of 1/2/2013.

Lastly, purchasing one of those two drive manufacturer's drives may enable Blu-ray playback under virtualization solutions.  Check with the virtualized developer and the drive manufacturer if any Blu-ray players for Windows work on the virtualized products.