What To Do If Your iDevice or Computer Is Lost or Stolen

Last Modified: Jan 4, 2014 8:27 PM

What To Do If Your iDevice or Computer Is Lost Or Stolen


iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


If you activated Find My Phone before it was lost or stolen, you can track it only if Wi-Fi is enabled on the device. What you cannot do is track your device using a serial number or other identifying number. You cannot expect Apple or anyone else to find your device for you. You cannot recover your loss unless you insure your device for such loss. It is not covered by your warranty.


If your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, or iPad is lost or stolen what do you do? There are things you should have done in advance - before you lost it or it was stolen - and some things to do after the fact. Here are some suggestions:


This link, Re: Help! I misplaced / lost my iPhone 5 today morning in delta Chelsea hotel downtown an I am not able to track it. Please help!, has some good advice regarding your options when your iDevice is lost or stolen.


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It pays to be proactive by following the advice on using Find My Phone before you lose your device:


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  2. Setup your iDevice on iCloud

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  4. How To Set Up Free Find Your iPhone (Even on Unsupported Devices)


Mac Computer


       Find My Mac can be used from Find My Phone at iCloud.com and via Find

       My Phone on your iDevice.


      The following is third-party anti-theft software:


           1.  STEM 2.1

           2.  MacPhoneHome 3.5

           3.  MacTrack 7.5.0

           4.  VUWER 1.7

           5.  Sneaky Bastar* 0.2.0

           6.  Undercover 5.1.1

           7.  LoJack for Laptops

           8. Hidden 2.0

           9. Prey 0.6.2