User Tips: Orientation

Last Modified: Oct 23, 2015 9:00 AM

What are user tips?

User tips are helpful tips and tricks created by our community members to help others with their Apple products. They are created and maintained collaboratively by the community.


How do I create a user tip?

User tips are a privilege that is provided when a user reaches Level 5. Learn about the Apple Support Communities reputation system, here.


To create a User Tip, click New, User Tip and select the community you want to create the new user tip in.

User Tip.png


User tip features:

- The username and level of the creator and last editor are displayed at the top of each user tip

- Comments at the bottom of each user tip allow the community to provide feedback to the creator

- Anyone who can create user tips can also edit them

- All edits are managed as versions



- Be considerate. User tips are collaboratively maintained for the benefit of the community

- Use comments to provide feedback to the tip creator

- User tips follow the same Apple Support Communities Terms of Use and will be moderated accordingly

- Anyone abusing this privilege will lose their access to create and edit user tips