Creating iPad-friendly Keynote presentations

Last Modified: Sep 4, 2012 6:00 PM

Although you can create great-looking presentations using Keynote on the iPad, you can't use all of the features available on a Mac. To avoid surprises, follow these simple steps.


Use themes that are available on the iPad.

  • Black
  • White
  • Gradient
  • Showroom
  • Moroccan
  • Craft
  • Harmony
  • Modern Portfolio
  • Blackboard
  • Parchment


When selecting a theme, make sure your slide size is 1024 x 768.


Use fonts that are available on the iPad.


Academy Engraved LETChalkboard SEGurmukhi MNOptima
American TypewriterChalkdusterHeiti SCOriya Sangam MN
Apple Color EmojiCochinHeiti TCPalatino
ArialCourierHelvetica NeueParty LET
Arial HebrewCourier NewHiragino Kaku Gothic ProNSinhala Sangam MN
Arial Rounded MT BoldDevanagari Sangam MNHiragino Mincho ProNSnell Roundhand
Bangla Sangam MNDidotHoefler TextTamil Sangam MN
BaskervilleEuphemia UCASKailasaTelugu Sangam MN
Bodoni 72FuturaKannada Sangam MNThonburi
Bodoni 72 OldstyleGeeza ProMalayalam Sangam MNTimes New Roman
Bodoni 72 SmallcapsGeorgiaMarionTrebuchet MS
Bodoni OrnamentsGill SansMarker FeltVerdana
Bradley HandGujarati Sangam MNNoteworthyZapf Dingbats




Use Builds and Transitions that are available on the iPad

iPad Builds


Appear/DisappearFall ApartPivotWipe
BlastDriftPop3D Crane
BlindsDropScale3D Grow
BouncyFlash BulbsScale Big3D Radial
CometFlipSparkle3D Rotate
Compress/ExpandFly In/Fly OutSpin3D Rotate & Grow
ConfettiIrisSquish3D Z Axis
CubeLens FlareSwooshFlame
DiffuseMove In/Move OutTwirlShimmer


iPad Transitions


Magic MoveFlipTwistTwirl
RevolveFlopDissolveFade Through Color
AnagramIrisMove InObject Push
BlindsMosaicPushObject Zoom
Color PanesPage FlipRevealSwing
CubeRevolving DoorWipe



Use the following Master Slides:

  • Blank
  • Title
  • Title & Subtitle
  • Title & Bullets
  • Title, Bullets & Photo
  • Bullets
  • Photo
  • Photo - Horizontal


Use only PNG images


Do not override theme backgrounds


Don't group objects and apply an effect to the group



Apple's Keynote for iPad Best Practices Guide

Apple's List of iOS5 fonts

Apple's List of Builds and Transitions in Keynote for IOS

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