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Forcing creation of a POP or IMAP email account

Last modified: Oct 4, 2015 7:33 AM
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NOTE: Verified that this works with later versions through iOS 9: 4 Oct 2015.

With iOS 6 the email setup has gotten smarter, and now tries to figure out whether your ISP supports IMAP, and if it does, creates an IMAP account on the iPhone. If it your ISP does not support IMAP it creates a POP3 account. There are 2 problems with this added intelligence:

  1. Sometimes it makes a mistake, and creates a POP account even if the ISP supports IMAP.
  2. Sometimes even if your ISP supports IMAP you really would prefer a POP account.

Matt_1203 has figured out how to force the setup to give you a choice of POP or IMAP. His solution is below:

I had this issue just yesterday. The phone would auto select POP even though the server supported IMAP.

To get around this put in a fake email address when setting it up, ios6 will then try to autodiscover the account settings when it cant it will ask you to fill in the server details and you can select pop or imap as shown in the screen shot below

User uploaded file