Using an Airprint-compatible printer over an iPhone WiFi hotspot connection

Version 1
Last Modified: Dec 4, 2012 6:32 AM

TWGjawja needed to use an Airprint-compatible printer while on the road, with only the iPhone, and no WiFi network other than the iPhones WiFi hotspot. The solution he found is as follows:


  1. set up the mobile hotspot on my phone.
  2. turn it and wifi on on the phone.
  3. connect a laptop/desktop to the hotspot network.
  4. insert setup disk for the printer and begin setup.
  5. complete the setup "using a usb cord to temporarilly connect the computer and printer"
  6. unplug usb cable and finish set up on the laptop/desktop.
  7. give it a few minutes to show up on the AirPrint menu on the phone.
  8. that should be it.


I unplugged the printer and plugged it back in, made sure the laptop was totally turned off AND disconnected from the network, and did everything I could to try and make it not work. The printer I have is a Canon MG3122, it doesn't have a fancy screen or even a way to input a password or anything like that, so it just strores a default network that it will connect to. in order to change networks i would have to complete setup multiple times. Since I only plan to use it with AirPrint for my mobile business....the one network is just fine! Hope this helps!