Backing Up FCP X systems & Consolidating Media

Version 2
Last Modified: Apr 11, 2013 12:11 AM

Backing up an FCP X editing system can be tricky, because FCPX wants to read the Event, Project, and Archive folders from my backup media drive as well as my working media drive. I don’t want that! So here is my personal guide to setting up CCC to for a Mac running FCPX.  I want to thank Mike Bombich, the author of CCC, for helping me cross my t’s and dot my i’s so that I can be sure these steps will actually work properly. _Carbon_Copy_Cloner_For_FCP_X.html




Let us pretend I import “original”, non-transcoded video clips into my Event inside of FCP X, and chose to NOT copy the media into the Event folder.  Then later I want to move this stuff to another hard drive, or even decide I want optimized ProRes 422 files to work with after the initial import.  There are some very important things you need to be aware of so you don’t lose anything or get too confused.  Let me explain how this all works very clearly. 7_Consolidating_%26_Transcode_Events_Before_Backup_or_Transfer.html