Working With Voice Recordings In FCP X

Last Modified: Mar 21, 2013 9:57 AM

I produce dozens and dozens of hours worth of video training, all of that requires Voice Over recording and editing.  I'm finding that in some ways FCP X with its magnetic timeline to be much easier and faster than the tools in Logic Pro or SoundTrack Pro.  Although I hope one day to see those incorporated into the magnetic timeline for even easier, faster workflow.  Here are some free articles that may help you with your voice work in FCP X.


Voice Over Work In FCP X Tips And Workflow 2_Voice_Over_Work_In_Final_Cut_Pro_X.0.1_2_%28and_some_recording_tricks%29update d_11_11_12.html


Short Form VO Editing in FCP X


Long Form VO Editing in FCP X


VO Multi-Takes in FCP X 11_VO_Multi-Takes_in_FCP_X.html


Multiclip Audio Channels diting-1006