MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2010 owners

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Last Modified: Jul 21, 2013 1:48 PM

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If your panic report states "GPU Panic" and your machine model identification is MacBook Pro 6,2, then print out a copy of your panic report and take your machine into Apple for free, out of warranty/AppleCare service for a defective video card.





Having had a defective MacBook Pro 15" 2007 model with a similar type issue and recall, mine didn't go until after upgrading to OS X Lion from Snow Leopard, when it did I was out of the 4 year free repair window offered by Apple at that time.


Even with Snow Leopard back on the machine it wouldn't work properly anymore.



Be warned that a operating system upgrade on the Mid 2010 also has been showing the same signs and panics, when before the previous OS X version was fine.



If you plan on upgrading your 15" Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 6,2 to a later OS X version, do so before the free repair window closes or have it checked out first before doing so or you'll end up with a very expensive brick and Apple showing you the exit door or a new machine.


In fact, I really don't advise any OS X upgrades without the benefit of AppleCare or warranty coverage. Software Updates of course are fine.


You can purchase the AppleCare extended plan within the one year standard warranty, check with Apple for exact details.



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