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Downloading 'Essential or Additional Content' or the Logic Pro X app Tips

What follows are some suggestions regarding how to fix/prevent issues when downloading the essential or additional content within Logic Pro X or the App itself from the Mac App Store..


Firstly, most people have no issues at all downloading...... but some people have reported issues so here are a few 'tips and tricks' to help limit such issues...


Energy Settings -  Go to your Energy Settings in System Preferences and temporarily, stop your computer 'going to sleep' Move the slider fully over to the righthand side and your Mac will not go to sleep. If you are on a laptop, make sure you have connected it to a power source. Also uncheck the "Put Hard drives to sleep" option. Finally, make sure that the 'Wake up on network access " option is checked.


Note: Some people have reported that they also needed to stop the Display going to 'sleep' too.. so you may want to try that as well by moving that slider fully over to the righthand side too. Not sure why this would help but........


Permission/Disk issues -  Check/Repair Permissions and check your System drive using the Disk Utility found in your Applications Folder, either inside the Utility or Other folders...


Home Network Issues - Whenever possible, connect your Mac via Ethernet rather than via WiFi..... to your Router/Modem.


3rd Party Firewalls - Disable Applications such as Little Snitch while performing the download of additional content.


Quit all other Applications running in foreground or background - Check for all applications running in foreground and background and quit all whenever possible.


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