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My MacBook doesn't work with the 10.6 retail disc

If you just purchased a 10.6.3 retail installer disc from Apple to be able to install 10.6 and then 10.7 or later, there is one MacBook model that won't accept that.


The MacBook 7,1 according to the System Profiler application will not accept the 10.6 retail, and must use the prebundled 10.6 installer disc to install 10.6, which you can call AppleCare to replace if lost.  To identify the MacBook use this tip:


How to find your Mac's model and age?


Earlier models will accept it.  If your intent is upgrade to 10.7 or later, the Internet Restore is an option if you installed this firmware:


Computers that can be upgraded to use OS X Internet Recovery


But first make sure you are compatible with 10.7 or later before doing it:


Note: MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models are not discussed by this tip, and you should go to the specific forum if your machine is labelled Air or Pro for more information.


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