El Capitan 10.11.3 / Logic Pro X 10.2.1 Compatibility information

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Update Feb 12th 2016


Motu have now released the final versions of their Audio / Midi Drivers for El Capitan Compatibility..

I have been testing the v1.6.68717 | Feb. 11, 2016 version of the Audio and Midi drivers.. with their Ultralites and so far no issues at all. I'm also hearing positive reports from 828 owners.

The AVB range of products already worked with 10.11.x


Update Feb 2nd 2016

Melodyne 4

There are reported issues with Melodyne 4 and the latest Logic pro X 10.2.1 update

UAD UPDATE & General Sweetwater Update below..

UAD have released updated drivers that are compatible with OS X 10.11.3

More Info can be found here...


Note: These new drivers are NOT compatible with the current OS X 10.11.4 beta....

Note: Do NOT upgrade to 10.11 until you have confirmed that all your external Hardware/Drivers and 3rd party software/plugins are compatible with 10.11 El Capitan.

Also make sure you have made a full solid working backup of your System Drive before attempting to upgrade OS X...

As of Tuesday 2nd February 2016.

Note: The recent 10.11.1 update to OS X and the 10.2.1 Update to Logic Pro X seems to have resolved several of the Plugin crashes during Validation issues that were being reported. However, caution is still recommended prior to any attempt to update to El Capitan./ LPX 10.2.1

TC Electronics

Thank you for contacting TC Electronic Support.

Due to a compatibility issue between the TC Near driver and OSX 10.11, we recommend that users do not update yet.

We will be supporting OSX 10.11 and we are working hard to get the driver out as soon as possible, but we currently do not have an estimate of when this might be. In the meantime, users can sign up for our newsletter whereby they can keep informed as to when drivers will be ready.

To sign up for our newsletter, please visit: www.tcelectronic.com/newsletter/

I hope this information has been helpful. If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to update this ticket and i will be happy to assist you further.

Nicolas - TC Electronic Support

Sonnox Plugins

Users are reporting validation and crash issues currently... No information from their Devs as yet

Blue USB Mics (and some other older USB2 audio devices)

Several reports are coming in regarding disconnection issues under 10.11 This issue along with others regarding some older USB2 audio devices have been reported since early July without resolution. Suggested 'fixes' have been to use a powered USB2 hub if connecting these older USB2 devices via a USB3 port... and/or in the case of some USB2 Mics.. Do not let your Mac go to sleep.... while working.

Current Compatibility News:


The latest version of Live, 9.2.2 is compatible with OS X 10.11. You can download the latest version from you Ableton User Account. However, Ableton and Sweetwater both encourage you to verify compatibility with any other software you might rely on before making the jump.


AKAI is hard at work making sure its product line is compatible with Apple’s new OS, and many of its products already are. AKAI has posted a list of its products that are or aren’t compatible with El Capitan. You can view that list here.

Upgrading is not recommended until all of your system is compatible with OS X 10.11.


Alesis has posted a list of products that are compatible with El Capitan as well as those that are still undergoing testing. View that list here.

Allen & Heath (updated 10/19/15)

Allen & Heath has updated its drivers/firmware for the Qu line of mixers to include support for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Be sure to download the latest driver and firmware for your A&H Qu mixer from the downloads page.

Other products have not yet been updated, but A&H will post release notes for their drivers/firmware as they are updated with notes on compatibility. Check back here for updates, or go directly to their download page to see if an update has been released.


All current plug-ins are compatible with OS 10.11, with the exception of Auto-Tune 7 TDM/RTAS. Auto-Tune 7 TDM/RTAS will not be updated for El Capitan since the TDM/RTAS formats were discontinued in Pro Tools 11 and Pro Tools 10 is not supported for use with El Capitan.


Apogee has included OS X 10.11 in its list of supported operating systems for its products’ that use Thunderbolt and USB. Unfortunately, Apogee’s FireWire interfaces can no longer be supported due to Apple’s decision to cease development of its FireWire Core Audio Driver. This doesn’t mean they won’t work, just the Apogee will not offer support if they don’t work. If you choose to upgrade and are using one of Apogee’s interfaces, you will be doing so on your own accord (you likely received an e-mail from Apogee with this information).

You can download the latest driver for your Apogee product from the product page on Apogee’s website.

Arturia (updated 11/3/15)

Arturia brings El Capitan compatibility to their product line with the latest updates. You can update your Arturia software via the Arturia Software Center.

View Arturia’s full statement here.


Audient is happy to announce that both its iD14 and iD22 interfaces are supported on El Capitan with the latest drivers! You can download the latest drivers at the following links:

Avid (updated 1/18/15)

Avid is excited to announce compatibility for the following products was added in their most recent driver update. The latest drivers can be downloaded at www.avid.com/drivers.

Mbox Family(3rd Gen)

For more information, including compatibility information regarding Avid’s software and El Capitan, see Avid’s full statement here.


Although there is no official statement yet from Bitwig, some users in their forum are reporting an issue where Bitwig Studio will open once, but will not open any more after quitting the app from that first run when using OS X 10.11. It seems that rebooting your computer or launching from Terminal allows the app to launch again one time, and then the symptoms reappear. It is not recommended to upgrade to El Capitan if you are using Bitwig Studio.

To learn more, view the forum thread here.


Celemony is pleased to announce that all Melodyne editions are compatible with El Capitan!

ENTTEC (updated 11/25/15)

El Capitan compatibility information, workarounds, and Beta updates are available here


Focusrite has posted compatibility information for its product line with El Capitan. Everything except RedNet and the Midnight and Scarlett plug-in suites are compatible. For more information, see here.


FXpansion is pleased to announce that its products are compatible with El Capitan. However, be sure that the rest of your system is compatible before upgrading.

IK Multimedia (updated 12/04/15)

IK Multimedia is happy to announce that all current versions of their software and hardware are now compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan with the exception of the Stealth Pedal MIDI Control app.

iZotope (updated 11/25/15)

iZotope is happy to announce support is now available for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Mac users can find all the details on their blog


Korg is currently in the process of testing their products with El Capitan and will post compliance dates for each product as soon as possible. Until then, Korg recommends holding off on upgrading your OS.

Line 6

Line 6 has posted updates that include compatibility with El Capitan. You can download the latest update for your Line 6 products here.


M-Audio is hard at work qualifying its product line with El Capitan. Luckily, many of M-Audio’s products are already supported, though some are not. You can see if your product is compatible by checking here.

Make Music

Make Music has discovered a bug with Finale 14d that causes the application to crash when opening certain dialog boxes. Make Music is working closely with Apple to resolve these issues as soon as possible. For more information, view Make Music’s statement here.

Native Instruments (updated 11/3/15)

According to Native Instruments, updating to OS X 10.11.1 fixes the AU validation issue in Logic Pro X that was present in the original release of the OS. If your AU plug-ins do not appear in Logic after updating to 10.11.1, simply rescan your plug-ins folder in Logic by selecting Preferences > Plug-in Manager from the Logic Pro menu. From the Plug-in Manager, select all plug-ins with failed validation and then press Reset & Rescan Selection.

If you are using legacy NI hardware on El Capitan and are experiencing kernel panics, please download the latest driver, version 2.8.0, for your corresponding device.

See NI’s statement here for more information and a link to the drivers.

Nektar (updated 10/8/15)

Nektar has announced that while it’s Impact series of products are ready for Apple’s newest OS, it has found some issues during testing of the Panorama with El Capitan. Nektar recommends holding off on updating your operating system at the moment if you are using a Panorama product.


Novation has posted a list of their products that are compatible with El Capitan. It appears that all of their products check out, though some have certain notes or specific drivers that are required to use with the new OS. You can view Novation’s list here.


Numark has posted which of its products are compatible with Apple’s new OS. Numark recommends not upgrading to El Capitan until your entire system is compatible. You can view their statement here.

Plugin Alliance

Plugin Alliance does not currently support El Capitan but is working closely with Apple to ensure compatibility.


PreSonus has announced several incompatibilities with its product line and OS X El Capitan. Affected products include Studio Live AI and RM series, as well as the classic Studio Live mixers and Audio Box VSL products.

PreSonus has tested Studio One 2.6.5 and higher, as well as Notion 4.0 and higher and found no problems on 10.11. However, it is strongly recommend to not upgrade due to other manufacturers’ compatibility issues with the new OS.

You can view PreSonus’ full compatibility statement here.


Propellerheads is happy to announce that Reason 8, Reason Essentials 8, and the Balance audio interface are all compatible with OS X 10.11. However, PHeads urge you to be sure the rest of your system is compatible with Apple’s new OS before making the upgrade.


Roland has posted a list of its products that are compatible or are still under testing. You can view that list here.


Serato has posted the following statement:

We don’t anticipate any issues with Serato DJ and OS X 10.11, but we won’t be able to officially support it until we can complete full and proper testing. As we haven’t been able to start this testing until the full public version was released, official support will not be immediate. We are unable to give a timeframe for official support at this time.

We are happy for users to test our software on OS X 10.11 releases, but suggest it not be used in performance situations until we are certain of its reliability.

Slate Digital

Slate Digital is currently not supporting El Capitan. Slate is working with Apple to get its software on board with the new OS as soon as possible.


Soundtoys is still undergoing testing for version 5 of its software on El Capitan. While no issues have been found, it is recommended to make sure the rest of your system is compatible before making the upgrade.

Soundtoys has also stated that there will be no further development for version 4 of their software for El Capitan, and no testing will be done for this version. If any issues arise in version 4 on 10.11, it will be fixed in version 5.

Soundcraft (updated 12/14/15)

Soundcraft is happy to announce Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan compatibility for Soundcraft’s MADI-USB Combo Card, Signature Series, and Signature Series MTK.


Spectrasonics has stated that the latest versions of Omnisphere 2, Trilian, and Stylus RMX all appear to be working normally in El Capitan. However, it is important to be sure that your host sequencer is also compatible with Apple’s newest OS before upgrading.

Steinberg (updated 12/04/15)

Click here for a list of Steinberg applications that have been tested for Mac OS X 10.11. For newer products, check the corresponding product pages and the system requirements on supported operating systems. Older products which are not listed are not supported and consequently, no further updates are planned.

UVI (updated 10/12/15)

UVI fully supports OS X 10.11 El Capitan! Be sure to verify compatibility for the rest of your system before making the upgrade, though.


Waves has tested their software with El Capitan and can confirm that both it’s Native and Soundgrid software is fully compatible with Apple’s latest OS.


Zoom has posted a list of El Capitan-compatible products here. Some products are still undergoing testing, but the good news is, many of Zoom’s products are already compatible with Apple’s latest OS.


Hey there,

With the release of OS X 10.11 El Capitan around the corner, we’d like to strongly recommend that you NOT upgrade just yet. At this time, we cannot guarantee Gobbler 2.0 app compatibility with El Capitan.

Please see the Gobbler Knowledge Base for more information.

Thanks for your attention,
The Gobbler Team

Additional compatibility information can be found here:



Sep 29, 2015 9:30 PM

For anyone, for whom working with Logic is important... and who is thinking about updating their current version of OS X....


At least not until it has been fully tested with different hardware/software/drivers etc.... and after ensuring that your current hardware is compatible with the version of OS X that you wish to upgrade to.. and has the appropriate drivers, where applicable.. that work and have been fully tested with that new version of OS X

If you really want to try out a new version of OS X then install that OS X version on to an external Hard Drive, install Logic Pro on that drive along with any drivers/plugins etc... and then boot to that. and test thoroughly.... leaving your current configuration alone and working...


Make a full clone backup of your current system drive using something like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! (My personal choice) to an external drive before you update to Yosemite and then if things don't work out you can quickly and easily revert back to your current config with ease..

Note: The sole use of Time Machine as a clone backup is not recommended as not all files will be restored correctly and you may find you have to do a great deal of manual tweaking/fixing/re-registering to get everything back to normal. TM is great for individual file restoration but for full cloned restores, not so good!

Based on past experiences.. as seen by the many 100s of posts made in the Logic Pro forum after the release of Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite...there could well be incompatibility issues that will rear their ugly heads upon the launch of the next new OS X version... so be warned!

So again... as always when OS X or Logic Pro is updated... Take your time and let others find the bugs/issues etc before you install it yourself.. or if you insist on doing so.. make proper clone backups first... to save a lot of wasted time and effort later.

Sep 29, 2015 9:30 PM

May 10, 2016 2:38 PM

Time Machine is not a clone. Time machine is a limited archive. It will archive as much information as it can based on capacity.

This is an important distinction from a clone, because Macs without internet restore capability turned on may not be able to recover from a Time Machine backup without their original installer discs. There is a special firmware for the internet restore on Macs that predate Lion's release.

A clone offers a copy of a system that can do a restore from Time Machine too if it is important to restore from a prior state.

See my FAQ*:


* Links to my pages may give me compensation.

May 10, 2016 2:38 PM