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Facinated by the new iMac and found a couple of points about the remote that I have not seen mentioned anywhere if in fact I am seeing this correctly.

There appears to be a "ledge" or "lip" protruding from the side of the new iMac G5 for the remote to sit on. I know that the remote is held to the side with a shielded magnet...or at least from what I have read but I found it interesting that they have designed the new case with this protruding (or what appears in the photos) lip or ledge to aid in its placement.

Am I just seeing this wrong or does anyone agree that it is there?

The photo that I refer to can be found here.

Also, as an aside to my question....does anyone know if the remote will have any functions for controlling the system itself such as sleep, restart, shutdown etc.? I just thought that a remote should at least have the capability of that in that even Steve Jobs said that when sitting on your sofa you can use the remote with Front Row. I thought that if one has to get up to wake from sleep to use it or to shut it down then that will put limitations on how it is used. I know that it will be useful without these features but it seemed to make since that the remote should be able to do that also and did not see any mention of it being capable of it?

Anyone have any ideas about these?

littleshoulders [:-)

P.S. Sorry if this information has been discussed I have missed it or if found somewhere on Apple site but I did not see any mention myself.