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Here's my odd problem.

Finder seems to work okay until I open folders with certain JPEG images in them. Specifically, it seems to crash whenever I open a folder that has images taken with my old Oregon Scientific camera. It gets a little bit annoying, because once I open the folder, Finder crashes... and then it re-launches, +with the problem window still open+... which causes it to crash immediately upon re-opening. And then it re-launches again, again with the same window open, which causes it to crash again, and on and on into the night.

Incidentally... these images also seem to crash Preview. I never had any problem with this before. They worked fine under 10.5, they worked fine under 10.4... they even work fine on OS9. I've tried turning off icon previews, I've tried list view and icon view and coverflow and all that, and it crashes every single time.

If I use GraphicConverter to re-save the images WITHOUT the EXIF data, then Finder seems to be okay. But considering I have nearly a thousand images that were taken with that (decidedly unsophisticated) camera, it's really an inconvenience to convert every single one. On top of it, I'd kind of like to keep my EXIF data where it is.

I'm really kind of starting to regret not waiting for 10.6.1 before installing, because I've encountered problem after problem... and my fiance's iMac is almost unusable, it's so buggy. Most of the issues I've encountered I can live with, at least long enough for Apple to release an update... but this Finder issue is killing me, because I can't even access my photos.

Anyone have this same issue, or some idea of how to fix it?

MacBook (2.1Ghz Core 2 Duo) and Power Mac G4 (dual 450Mhz PowerPC 7400), Mac OS X (10.5.4), Intel iMac, Beige G3 MT, Mac Classic II