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Hi All

I am having some strange issues when trying to mount a network share hosted on a windows 2008 active directory server.

I have setup Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory and created a test share. I also have a standard user that has permission to read and write to the share.

If i connect via apple+k to smb://serverip/share from a standard local user account with the username / password I created in active directory i logon to the server successfully.

However. If I login to the computer with the Active Directory username / password and then try to open the share using the above network path I can map the drive but it appears as a folder with a no entry sign.

If I select all shares from the list of possible shares by Apple+k to smb://serverip then I can successfully read / write to the share.

Behaviour seems very strange, half wondering if Kerberos has something to do with it? Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Mac OS X (10.5.7)