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Hi everyone! After much of deliberation, I bought the iphone 3gs today. It's my first iphone, and I was very exited to finally own one. But you cannot imagine my disappointment when I discovered the phone failing to perform the task I bought it for.

I need to listen to certain university lectures, which are audio only - here's one:


The phone can' do it - apparently there's some kind of server problem. The audio cannot be directly downloaded on my computer and saved, for they stream in real time; each lecture is between 1 and 2 hours long. I desperately need someone's help - perhaps there's an app I could purchase to help me. I would love to keep this phone, but if it cant perform this function, I will be returning it tomorrow, and jumping off the iphone boat after having being on it for only a few frustrated moments.

Many thanks in advance for any efforts to assist me!

(I an in the UK - I don't know if that is significant to the situation)

Iphone 3gs, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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