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I was playing with the book feature of Aperture recently and decided I wanted to print it on my home printer (r1900). I found out that there was no way to actually adjust the page size in the design to fit properly aligned on A4 paper as the book design is locked to letter size paper.

I tried creating a custom book - you could define the page size and margins in that, but it lacked all the frames and backdrops that existed in the Snapshots design. So, I started playing....

Using some information provided on the good Mr Boyer's site re the Aperture book plist file locations and their content, I was able to identify the string in my custom book that specified the page size. Great, thinks I - I'll just change the corresponding string in the Snapshots book plist file and all will be good.

Not so fast, grasshopper! There is no corresponding string in the Snapshots plist file. After some careful reading and comparing of file structures, I came to the conclusion that if I added the pagesize string to the Snapshots plist, it should cause the book to become A4 size. Working on a copy of the Snapshot book folder with plist and other files, I added the <pagesize> string for A4 and saved the plist file within the entire folder renamed to A4 Snapshot Large.

It worked - an additional book design now appears in Large Books, called A4 Snaphots Large (yes, I know the Large is redundant but anyway...).

But here's the wrinkle - there are still framesizes and margin offsets that were configured for letter size paper, so it's not perfect. Has anybody done something similar and knows what other settings to adjust in which plist file?

If anybody's interested, I'm happy to provide specific detail of the string, but I'm being hassled to go make some plunger coffee for my wife on account of it being Fathers Day (not my job to critique THAT logic...).


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    It sounds as if you know your way around Aperture ...

    I'm making a book and am intensely frustrated. There are 2 things that I want to do and cannot find the way to do them.

    First I want to resize some of the boxes on the standard pages and it won't let me do it. The instruction manual says: As you work on a book, you may need to adjust the layout of individual pages. For example, you may discover that one image in a group should appear slightly larger. You can move and resize the boxes that hold images on individual pages, making minor layout adjustments when a master page design doesn’t quite suffice. You can also create your own master pages to create custom books.

    Wonderful! But it doesn't tell you how.

    The only boxes I seem to be able to resize are those that I add with the 'Add photo box' command but these appear with a different mount and I can't see how to change the mounts so they match all the standard ones.

    Can you please help?

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    Don't know if will help, but there's a free podcast on iTunes called "Layout Tool Disguised as Aperture's Book Making Function" It's from May of 08, but I think it's still valid.

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    Hi there Calx,

    Yup, wonder if you could let me know what you did to sort this - have done a lot of work prepping books for printing at home only to find I can't adjust letter size. Grrr. Grateful for any help...
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    Yes, I'm having trouble, too. I've added photo boxes to a book I'm creating in Aperture 2, and the new photo boxes don't have the "beveled matte" look of the template's original photo boxes (which can be relocated, but not re-sized!).

    How can I give my photo boxes that matte look??
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    In the Aperture User Manual, see Working with Photos and Working with Text. You'll use the Edit Layout button at the top of the Book Layout Editor and maybe Show Laout Options from the Book Actions popup.
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    Would you mind providing a short summary of where to find the book plist files in the library ? I've search the post in RB Design website, but I did not manage to find what I wanted.

    I have a custom book coming from Aperture 2, and there is no way I can update it in Aperture 3. Changes are possible, but they are not persistent (i.e. they are lost as soon as I select another element like project, folder, etc.). It seems that the custom book has no associated theme anymore (when assigning a new custom or predefined theme, the book seems to be fixed, but the layout is lost).

    What I would like to do is to manually assign the theme/template to this book from the library itself (plist, xml or whatever), hoping the layout will not be lost.