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    rbubbar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    hi guys,

    just want to add that i just got my iphone delivered few days ago and i noticed poor battery the same day. but i thought maybe i need charge it for longer period for the first time which might have been causing this issue as most new electronics require. I charged for longer period of time the same night and guess what same issue still.....

    i called in to fido to discuss the issue but they told me that it's probably 'coz i got the screen turned on for too long my wifi is on all the time etc etc.

    really, isn't that's what we bought the iphone for so we can use big screen for better viewing, wifi so we can use it wheneve it's available, push to receive emails on the go, apps like facebook to stay connected with friends, location to find our ways around, i can go on and on...

    after finishing with fido tech i called apple tech support and to my amazement apple tech told me the same thing.... duhhh!

    I was very happy with my Nokia if all i wanted is phone!

    sorry about the long post but i had to get it out!!!!!!

    If someone from apple is reading this please contact me a.s.a.p. i can use your help here.
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    akarelin Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    Are you running OS 3.1 or 3.0.1?
    Are you using push notifications / push mail?
    Are location services enabled?
    Did you try restoring "as new"?
    Did you try restoring in "DFU" (turn the phone off and connect it to iTunes while holding the "Home" button until you see a picture asking you to connect the phone to iTunes; go through a complete restore)?
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    ANGIOMAN Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)
    I unfortunately must chime in. No stranger to iphone issues, with 5 phones in the family, beginning with 2G launch day and now with 1 3GS, 2 3G, and 2 Edge.

    My first 3GS was replaced within about 2 weeks of launch due to poor battery performance (confirmed by logs). That phone went back within a couple days after realizing the compass was non-functioning.

    Phone was OK (although I gave up on blue tooth because of battery drain) until latest update. Battery has been draining to the point where I resist using the device for anything other than taking a call.

    Haven't updated the other 3Gs yet, so can't comment on their performance since latest update.

    Almost as frustrating as the HORRIBLE AT&T coverage issues (Philadelphia area and Williamsburg). In fact, my son is freshman at William and Mary, and begging me to get rid of his iphone for a verizon account so he can text and talk without standing on a balcony!
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    akarelin Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    Funny thing's happening right now: around 8PM the phone has turned itself off while in standby (almost 12 hours since I've taken it off the wall charger – my regular these days if I use it very little). I've left it there (the wall charger is upstairs and I didn't want to wake up my son) waiting for when I'm going to sleep.

    Now that over an hour and a half has passed, I've taken the phone (didn't charge it – it just sat there) and fiddled with it, keeping the "Sleep" button pushed down (shows the usual "feed me" graphic). I than kept Home and Sleep buttons (the reset combination) and suddenly Apple logo has appeared on the screen. Shortly after the phone has booted up showing 5% battery! Soon afterwards it got down to 4% and it is right now in that same zone.

    This is getting weirder and weirder... I can imagine that the battery might have restored some of its power while idling (that's not unusual) but picking up enough for the phone to boot up (5%)? And than again: the phone has an open "low battery crash" which should prevent the OS from booting unless detecting a power supply on the line. Obviously it isn't there...

    My phone's powerlog is on so I'll have this on file once I sync... This is really strange.
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    snoopjul Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Same Problem with the 3.1 update on 3GS
    thats unacceptable from Apple , we are loosing as well our battery life cycle if we have to charge it everyday single day.
    so by the time they will do the update to fix this problem we will have to send our phones to apple to change the battery then :S


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    rbubbar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm running 3.0.1... reading review online on 3.1... i'm afraid to update.
    i turned push notification/push mail off.
    i have disabled location services as well.
    i havent' restore yet... i'll do it tonight when i get home
    i'll try restoring in "DFU" as well.

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    akarelin Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    Umm... Now: I've been having power issues with 3.0.1 too. It was better than with 3.1, but not in line with what most people are experiencing with similar use patterns. Trying to restore "as new" is something I'd try, although I doubt it's going to help you. You've said it yourself – you just got the Phone a few days ago and you have no "history" to mess up the phone.

    Restoring through DFU might help as it is going to wipe the phone clean and install it anew. The problem is that you can only restore to 3.1 – 3.0.1 can not be restored anymore.

    Now: let's weigh your options:

    1) Taking your chances with 3.1 that did make things better for a lot of users that used to have power issues with 3.0.1.
    2) Sticking with 3.0.1 waiting for an update that would fix the issues some of us are having with 3.1
    3) Try to convince Apple to swap the phone.

    Now... Given that the vast majority of users are having excellent results with 3.1 (yes, I know, I'm one of those complaining, and this forum is mainly filled with complaints which might make it seem as if 3.1 were no good at all) and given that installing it won't void your warranty (it might actually make a stronger case with AppleCare) I'd suggest you upgraded going through DFU.

    Another tip (on conversing with Apple's technical support): I know it is frustrating, but, try to realize Apple isn't a phone company;) So when they ask you questions about your handset it's a good idea to give clear answers and give a try to following the exact instructions you're being given. At least once. Open an incident, get an advice, follow it. If the problem remains – call again, provide the original case number, explain what you've done. If you're not being treated correctly – ask for escalation.
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    David Krug Level 2 Level 2 (205 points)
    I started watching it this afternoon. I was losing a percentage point off the charge every few minutes with the phone just sitting there doing nothing and the screen off.
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    rbubbar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks, for ur suggestion

    i'll try doing DFU upgrade to 3.1 tonight.
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    Gonluk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey! I got a solution. First, turn off all the features that made you buy this gadget. Yes, no GPS, no Push, no 3G, neither WiFi. Also don't use the iPod function - specially for video watching. Then, put it on airplane mode. Now, you have a cool and long usable calculator. For an improved performance, put the brightness on 5%. It's even more healthy too. Isn't that nice?
    Ok, still waiting for 3.1.1.
    Now I must send this reply before my battery runs ou...

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    fkwan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Restoring from DFU will help if there is a rouge app causing the battery drain (essentially flushing that out). If the drain is indeed due to the 3.1 firmware, it will have little effect. Most people reinstall (or restore) the same stuff they had before... in which case, a rogue program is not likely to be the case.

    I went from going an entire day with casual use to about 5 hours of casual use before I run out of power. It almost seems to me like there's no difference whether or not I am heavily using the phone or not (wifi, bluetooth, etc).... the battery drains quickly as long as there's something on the screen.

    I did "Google" the possibility of downgrading my iPhone 3G back to 3.0. There is a procedure albeit "unsupported" by Apple. I have downgraded to 3.0 and the battery problem persists. The downgrade does not downgrade the baseband (or modem firmware). Perhaps the issue lies with that part (?).

    While I understand Apple is looking into the issue, the lack of official acknowledgement that there is a problem, is a concern for me, prompting me to try the downgrade. I know that the numbers of complaints versus the numbers of iPhone users is statistically low.... it probably still translates to thousands of users. And those are the ones that get to this forum to post (I know many users who don't even know this forum or thread exists!)

    I have been following this thread since upgrading to 3.1. It has taken much annoyance and frustration to prompt to me to add my two cents. I understand troubleshooting technical issues take time.... I would just like to be sure someone is looking into it.... actual people within Apple engineering, and not just front line support gathering data.
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    Karumu Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I believe I am having problems with battery life also. I'm very shocked to find this morning that i have 51% battery life left.

    I charged my phone last night after getting home and had left it connected to my computer until about midnight. I then unplugged it. From that time until 10am the next morning the only usage my phone had got was me waking it up to check the time, i would then sleep it afterward. However my phone believes i have had 4 hrs of usage and 9 hrs of sleep time.

    How does it count usage? is being plugged into the computer count as usage even when im not physically touching the phone? I'm very confused and disappointed. After waiting since the first rumors 3 years ago to be able to get an iPhone i'm very disappointed that i'm so reliant on a power source. I don't feel confident i can travel with this phone for more than a day away from a power source.
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    Bal4005 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Just upgraded my 16GB 3G for a 32GB 3GS. Same programs and settings, about the same usage everyday, half the battery life (if that). No help from Apple support, other than a case number and go see a Genius. This phone is two days old. He related that the work around is to turn off the usual (bluetooth, WiFi, push, etc). The fact these same settings worked fine on the 3G did not seem to matter. I should note both phones are running 3.1. I know this is nothing new, but hopefully if enough people speak up, Apple will listen (the rep I spoke to said he had not heard much about this issue).
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    madocyw Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Okay, I upgraded my Gen1 Iphone to a 3Gs yesterday morning. My gen1 was running 3.1 with no problems. I charged my 3Gs overnight (midnight to 830am). Unplugged when I left the house. It is now 13 hours later, and my 3Gs is reporting below 20% battery (it warned me at 830pm).

    I have not substantially changed my usage habits. Phone calls today amounted to about 10 minutes at most, using the supplied earbuds. Downloaded three apps, took eight still pics, synced phone via USB, sent five or six text messages, facebook for a total of probably 30 minutes over the course of the day.

    In all, maybe 3-3.5 hours of total phone usage between calls, reading and app usage. My Gen1 Iphone, after 3 years of solid use, lasts 30 hours of standby/usage before hitting 20% from an 8 hour charge.
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    akarelin Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    I can assure you engineering is working on it. I agree it is frustrating.

    The problem does seem to be related to baseband, but I am not sure about this.
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