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I just got a new computer and I wanted to move my iTunes Library because I wont be using the other much, if any. Can I move my Library without my ipod recognizing its a new computer and try to import everything all over again? The last time I moved my library my ipod decided it would re-import everything...all 6000+ songs along with an entire tv-show season and several movies...

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    If you're talking about moving your iTunes Library over to the new computer, I'm afraid that when you tell the iPod to sync from the new computer, it will indeed blow away the iPod's contents and re-load everything. I would recommend doing this sometime when you can afford to leave the computer running overnight and unattended.

    I believe the information that identifies the iTunes installation to the iPod isn't actually in the iTunes library, but is in the preference files for iTunes. I could be wrong, but I think that is how it works. I've had my music library on the same box since iTunes came out and I've had to re-load everything a couple of times due to deleting corrupted preference files.