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OH NO! After applying the 3.1.2 update to my iPhone, I've lost all my Notes. Poof. Gone. And this is CRITICAL! I had information in individual Notes that only existed in my iPhone -- and I did that for a reason. I MUST GET THOSE NOTES BACK! PLEASE tell me they aren't gone forever!


iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    Do you use Time Machine or another backup utility?
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    Happening to me on a previous release, avoided notes at the start because they did not sync with anything, then Apple to decide to do a half baked job on syncing them (only really a backup to itunes). So I tried again and started using this app but then on a previous release update I had some problems that caused all the notes data to disappear from the phone, panic! Playing around with the itunes sync option seemed to the reason. Googled around and found others have had the same problem and it was possible to recover them from a database file if this had been backed up (I use time machine and this time it saved the day). So you could check the itunes backup only if you have not synced a blank notes app, the actual notes data is buried deep within many folders in a database file. Try googling for iphone notes recovery.

    Now I do not trust the notes app/sync process and use other methods of recording notes (use note section in contacts app or third party apps).

    Will only start using this app when Apple decide to integrate it into the mobile me suite and provide real sync operations. I hope you can recover..
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    Yes, I use Time Machine (love it, by the way).

    But how can I use that to recover my Notes? I don't use the MobileMe service, and I don't know the location to where the Notes are backed up. Your message is giving me hope, so I'm looking forward to your response. Thanks.

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    I use notes as much as any application on the iPhone. I sync to Outlook via iTunes on an Windows XP machine. Should I be worried about loosing my notes? Has anyone syncing to Outlook lost their notes?
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    My Notes were not lost, fortunately, but in your case you may need to do a Restore through iTunes, as each time you Sync, or do an update, the phone is backed up at the beginning of the process.