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  • 15. Re: Time Capsule Loses Internet Connectivity
    Darren 2007 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I ended up getting a replacement unit for my TC as it eventually complained of overheating after being unplugged for 8 hours and stopped taking updates.

    The connectivity problem has remained with the new Time Capsule (TC) and I am seeing it on my Airport Extreme (AX) as well. A simple test...

    A) Mac wire connected to cable modem = good performance
    B) Mac wire connected to TC or AX (Wifi is disabled on router) then to cable modem = good performance
    C) Mac wire connected to TC or AX (Wifi is enabled on router) then to cable modem = awful upload performance and packet loss

    I am still digging into this, but so far, when any Apple router (TC or AX) has Wifi enabled, a simple ping test to yahoo.com jumps from 40ms to 2000ms. Turn off wifi and it's back to 40ms.
  • 16. Re: Time Capsule Loses Internet Connectivity
    jjakubow Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    All has been quiet on this topic for two weeks, now... Has anyone made progress on a solution to this discussion topic?

    The inconvenience of losing the Internet every so many minutes has made using our MacBook impractical. I've tried rolling back to the 7.4.1 firmware also, but to no success.

    We've been using our MacBook with the Time Capsule since purchasing in February, with no problems whatsoever. How do we troubleshoot something like this? We're first-time Apple owners. Do we make an appointment for the Genius Bar? How do we duplicate the problem? Does Apple know about the problem and looking into a firmware 7.4.3 (for example) to fix the problem?

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Fidatelo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I've been having issues with my XBox 360 dropping it's connection sporadically, and it is my only device actually wired to the TC (everything else is wireless). I'm wondering if I'm not experiencing something similar to DM2006.
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    ReeseG Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Add me to the list of users experiencing trouble with the TC. Firmware is 7-4-2, OS is Snow Leopard on multiple iMacs and multiple Macbooks in my home.

    The problem I get is when wireless clients no longer see the wireless network I have setup. The TC may still have connection to some wireless clients but others are no longer recognized.

    I believe the problem of losing wireless access is specific to DHCP and more specifically, the wireless Channel/speed settings used in setting up the Time Capsule.

    So, here's how I got my Time Capsule working...I hope this will work for you. Unfortunately, I call this mode 'limp mode' as the only way I can get everything working consistently is by lowering the overall performance of my network. I'm hoping Apple will have a fix soon so I can return my network to full performance.

    First, as others have noted, you've got to reset the Time Capsule to factory default. This means poking a paper clip or other object into the rear reset button (next to the security / K Slot) and waiting for the lights to fast-flash orange. This will reset the router's current state.

    When the TC asks if you want to restore settings from an earlier profile, say no. You'll need to take a few extra minutes in setup by first returning the Time Capsule back to factory settings first.

    I realize this may be somewhat painful for those (like me) that have complex router and client settings, like MAC address access, but in my case, I could never replicate getting the router and wireless clients back up successfully without going back to default settings first. Every time I would restore a prior profile and then make changes, it would fail wireless access. So step one is to ensure the router is factory default first.

    Next, you need to ensure that the default settings took and review whether the TC is out of N only (5 GHz) mode. This was especially problematic for me because I...

    a) lose both the faster performance of N Only mode and
    b) some of my wireless peripherals now get interference from the TC (such as my bluetooth mouse) that they didn't have when it was set in N Only mode.

    To verify that it must be out of N mode, I could repeat the loss of wireless client access just by putting the TC back in N 5 GHz only.

    The only way I could make the client wireless connections stick for more than 24 hours (without losing access to the network) was ensuring that the default 802.X N/G/B mode is selected.

    Second, I had to remove the Automatic wireless Channel setting and set it to a specific channel manually. I could also verify that if I moved the wireless channel setting back to automatic (vs. the manual channel selection override), I would lose client wireless access consistently. I used Channel 11, but you should feel free to try any others to limit interference.

    DON'T use a wired connection to setup the TC initially. Use a wireless client. I know this sounds strange, but I would always get a connection to the TC using a wired connection, but not always wireless. This will help you confirm whether your TC is giving your client an IP address and whether the client recognizes the router settings in the Time Capsule.

    I hope Apple comes out with a fix soon as that I can restore my faster N Only access to my TC. These settings worked for me. I hope they work for you.
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    jjakubow Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I made an appointment at the Genius Bar this evening. I wasn't sure what to expect, based on reading multiple problems with the Time Capsule and dropped Internet connectivity. It seems like most users had to suffer with the problem and were provided no solution.

    However, to my shock, the Apple technician found my Time Capsule Internet connectivity to "flicker" when he ran a diagnostic check at the store. He even dropped the firmware back to 7.4.1, and experienced the same problem.

    The solution presented to me was a replacement of the Time Capsule. My visit was properly documented, so I feel very fortunate the problem presented itself at the right time. I'm really hoping my problems will be solved once I get the new Time Capsule operational, but I'll keep the Community posted on the replacement solution.

    I was told Apple doesn't troubleshoot the Time Capsule. If they experience problems, they can't "look inside the box," they simply replace the hardware. To be continued...
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    Darren 2007 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Well mine started working again, but I have no idea why.

    Shortly after sending a packet capture to Apple Engineering, it started working properly. The engineering group asked me to do a series of further tests, but they all work now. It's really bizarre.
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    tom in yvr Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had basically the same problem with my new TC. The solution is found elsewhere on the web:


    "I installed a new Dual-Band Time Capsule which I purchased specifically for its Guest Access feature. I set it up in accordance with instructions and found that I could no longer connect with other equipments on my LAN. I called Apple tech support and was taken through the full drill of testing everything (which I had done prior to the call). Then when we went through the set up steps and got to the Guest Access setup I was told to leave it off because it was not functional and that Apple was “working on the problem”."

    I spent 45 on the phone getting Apple to confirm this temporary fix.

    What bothers me is that the fix, though known to Apple, is not available anywhere on Apple's web site.

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    Paulshaqz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    iv'e been sorta haveing the same problem too, except with my mbp the wireless just shuts off for 5 sec n comes back on. my time capsule is connected with a 2 wire router from at&t u verse everything else works fine but it ***** when it happends cuzz you don't know when it's going to occur.
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    jjakubow Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Not necessarily a solution for everyone, but some thoughts to consider...

    We continued having our Internet connectivity dropped well after my posts into this forum. Additionally, we made several Genius Bar appointments in our local Apple store. The problems continued at home, despite in-store stress test troubleshooting, replacing the laptop network card, and reinstalling the O/S. Everything (as expected) always checked-out fine at the Apple Store...

    I read in other discussion forums about network interference through certain types of wall and floor material. Trying to use the higher frequency 5 GHz band setting on the Time Capsule could be absorbed by walls and any obstructions much more quickly than on the 2.4 GHz band. Additionally, other nearby networks, cordless phones, etc. in a highly populated area could also create problems...

    Ultimately, these discussions got me to reflect on my situation at home. Highly populated area, older home, Time Capsule located on the second floor, and most of our computing done downstairs... Since changing the location of where we sit with our laptop (knock on wood), we haven't had a connectivity loss in over two weeks of daily use. And... we used to lose connectivity every time we sat down with the computer. Although it's frustrating to not have the accessibility from anywhere in the house, it was MORE frustrating to lose our connection all the time and feel the computer was a piece of junk...

    I think the lesson learned from this experience is the instability of home wireless technology. The equipment and technology is still a work in progress and affects every user in a unique way. My problem appeared to come down to interference within my own home.

    Another solution I'm starting to investigate is an Ethernet Powerline Adapter to help improve my Internet connectivity and stability.
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