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    meijic Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    yes my phone also seems fine during standby. but I notice horrible discharging when i am talking on the phone, listening to music and especially surfing or using apps with 3g. on average i lose 1% of battery for every minute i surf. this is just not right...
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    John Kilpatrick Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)
    PKOneTwo wrote:
    PS: when i bought the 3GS it has 3.0.1 on it. Everything was fine there. with battery at 100%, I listened to music with screen on about 6hours a day. browsed a lot, mails, a little bit gmaps and Wifi und location services on all time. At the evening the battery was abozt 72%!

    Wow, really? My 3GS still has 3.0.1 on it. I've never seen that kind of performance. I browse a few apps on the train up in the morning (Facebook, twitter, FML), a few emails. Then it sits quiet all day. Then I do the same on the train home. A couple hours of "use" and then it's at 75%. No music playing.
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    cjtkd Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Im still of the opinion that all this is being caused by a software fault. Yesterday I drained my battery to around 9%, I had planned to leave it go flat but had to go out. I needed to use my phone whilst on the road so plugged it in to the hands free car dock, it charged up to around 30%. When I got in that night I charged it over night but it refused to show higher than 99%. Today its been acting up bigtime, dropped to 95% within a couple of minutes of unplugging, but oddly upon plugging it in it showed 100% right away!
    Started using it as 'normal' after this and as if by magic the odd readouts went away.
    I think its certain that everyone returning their phones claiming them to be faulty will be struck by the OS reading the battery levels wrong at somepoint. Granted there will be a certain percentage of owners that indeed have faulty batteries, but no-where near the amount that are returning them THINKING they have a faulty battery.
    Time will tell I guess.
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    Brief update to my post on pg 105. After the inexplicable drop down to 59%, the phone sat on standby for 4 hours (3G on) and didn't move. Been listening to iPod since (1:15) and still at 59%. Just doesn't make sense. Experience tells me that I'll experience another big drop at some point to 30% or less and then rapid loss until the phone shuts off. Battery metering is definitely part of the problem.
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    socceryo3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    My 3GS (running 3.1.2) doesn't run down dramatically on standby, but while using it it seems to drain a bit faster than it should be. About 1% for every about 5 minutes or so of usage. Roughly. A bit faster than that because I was able to drain 55% after having used my phone in gym class one day because it was extended to about 2.5 hrs for a psat. I can turn my phone off, wait a few minutes, and turn it back on and the battery is a few percent higher than when I turned it off, which makes me agree somewhat with people saying it's a battery metering problem and it's just misreporting the real battery charge.
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    yozhbk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I cant understand why when using the phone the battery drains that fast.... I wish I could go back to 3.0.1
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    BHaase Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    In all the iphones I have had I have never reached the below 20% battery message with my conservative use. Since 3.1 (or 3.1.2) I get it daily. Start my day at 8am, get the battery drain by 4pm. It is not application or settings related. I restored my phone as new, no apps installed no settings on, no mail accounts and still a drain of about 1% per few minutes. I have downgraded to 3.1, same problem. I cannot downgrade to 3.0, itunes does not allow it. Not sure if a phone exchange will solve the problem. I don't see apple updating anytime soon…..I still have a phone with the distorted sound and no fix.
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    I was sure hoping that the 3.1.2 update would some of these battery problems we all have been having. I have been a huge fan of the battery in te iPhone ever since the original one. Ever since I upgraded to 3.1 I am
    noticing monumental problems. Tech support just tell me to turn off all push programs but I don't use any of them. Over night my phone will loose 30% on standby with no calls coming through. My phone used to last upwords of three days. So I need to switch out my phone? Or just wait for another update? Frustrating...
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    Solid5nake Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I montior my battery constantly and yes 3.1 *****!!!!! 3.0 battery was decent, and I thought Ill never say this but i miss decent battery compared to 3.1.
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    ManicMarc Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Interesting thread, I think some people here obviously have problems and others are just finding the battery goes down more than they expected.

    Can I ask, do you guys use any 3rd party chargers? The reason I ask is, I experienced some odd battery life when I started using a car-charger (with built in FM transmitter). After a full battery cycle the battery is back to normal, but after a few days of on and off charging on the way to and from work, it dropped rapidly.
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    floridadaz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    After a restore too new phone as recommended by Apple the phone battery life seemed to return to normal at first. The problems now seem to be returning- I have been motitoring the phone using the "System activity monitor app" and have noticed that there are burst of 100% activity. I will be keeping my eye on it and if the battery usage gets any worse then I will have to contact apple support again. Previous to 3.1 update I could use the phone easily for the whole day with lots of internet use, now I am thinking that half a day might be more realistic and if it goes back to pre restore performance then it is unusable.
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    ApteryxMAC Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi, I've an 3Gs iPhone with 3.1.2 OS.
    My battery don't even last for a day with normal internet and phone activity... and I'm using apple charger, and I didn't any jailbreak or installed any in-time push service.

    I think that one-day life is a really poor result for an iPhone.
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    i also use iphone 3gs 3.1.2, no jailbreak, but simlockfree from italy.

    i tested alot. my result:
    - if i use 3g network or wlan: all works great and batterylife is normal, like 3.0.1.
    - but if i use no 3g network and no wlan: than the battery uncharges very fast (in use about 1% per 1-2minutes; in standby about 10% per hour)
    (background maybe: i work at the fraunhofer institut in germany. bad connection is in the house, because of much steel, except at the windows)

    -> maybe the error is, that the iphone gets better connection with 3g or otherwise the iphone searches too much for better connection with gprs)

    greetings from germany

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    foxtrotoscar321 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    i've got a new 3GS (3.1.2) which had terrible battery life since buying it 3 weeks ago.I'd done a clean re=install a couple of times and it didn't help

    Even though i had Location and WiFi and Bluetooth switched off, it was using 10% battery an hour without anything being used- no phone calls no web browsing nothing.

    I spoke to Apple support and they said it was due to a weak signal from the phone carrier ( 3 in Australia) This didn't make sense as i work just 300 metres from 3 HQ in australia so you'd think the signal would be as good as it gets.

    Anyway yesterday I switched the phone off for an hour. Well,bugger me, but since switching the phone on again the battery life has improved out of sight.

    Touch wood I haven't put the mockers on it but I thought I'd pass it on.

    Switching it off and on seems to be the thing that fixes most appliance problems that can be fixed easily and it worked here

    Good luck with fixing yours
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    mikkimikk Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I was at 100 % by 12.00 today with the phone being off the charge for 4 hours and 30 min but then just after 25 min of use (a bit of wifi browsing and two short calls) it went down to 95 %. Too fast in my opinion.