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Hi all!
I'm sorry if this has been covered somewhere else
I have searched and searched and found nothing

I have a simple question -

Can Mac OSX open/read a hard drive encrypted with Microsoft's BitLocker drive encryption? This is a feature new to Windows as of Windows Vista, and has been improved in Windows 7. Windows 7 adds the ability to encrypt removable drives.

Does anyone know what the compatibility is like in OSX?


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    Hi noleggedsnake, I'd be very surprised if OS X can open Bitlocked volumes. If you are looking for cross platform encryption I'd look at truecrypt

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    Yeah! The point behind it is that no other OS can read from it if you boot from it!
    I'm running bitlocker on my Windows pc and I can tell you that ever current Linux distro I've booted from on there cannot see the bitlocker drive so I'm pretty sure macosx can't either!
    After reading more carefully it seems you are more interested in the portable version of bitlocker but it doesn't matter since it's still a Windows only technology and won't work with macosx. You can read more about it here:
    Using BitLocker To Go devices on Windows XP and Vista

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