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I have just enabled the option to sync my address book with my Google contacts account. Before i sync'd i deleted everything in the google contacts as it was way out of date, The sync process appeared to have worked as all contact info from address book appears in my google account, but then i get a message indicating that more than 20% of the contacts in the OSX Address book are going to be changed, how can this be? ...

Any ideas??



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    John, I believe the answer lies in the subtle differences between contact fields used and populated by Address Book, and those used and populated by Google Contacts: they do not utilize the same fields for what, on the surface, appears to be the same info. For example, if your Address Book entry contains two words in the last name field, Google imports this as one word for middle name and one word for last name. The sync back from Google to Address Book results in "duplicate" entries, and the warning message that your Address Book entries will be changed.

    I just spent two days trying to get this to work the way I wanted it to (I just got a new phone that syncs with Google Contacts. I did just what you did and found just what you discovered. It drove me nuts.

    I concluded it what possible to line it all up between the two, but the amount of manual actions necessary on my part was not, for me, worth the time expended to do it. That's as far as I got.
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    I have had a look at some of my address book entries and there is a possibility for this to occur, but I cannot see any Middle name field in the Google contacts ???

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    Maybe it was "additional" name or something like that.

    Export the Google Contacts as a CSV file then open that up and see the headings, which are the assigned field labels. Also, you can try a test: create a new google test contact file and complete every data entry with the word for the field, then export that test entry as a vcf file and drop it into Address Book. Find out where all those words now end up relative to the the label of the field they are now in. Reverse the test starting with a new test Address Book entry and see where they end up in Google.
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    A couple of concerns over this process, I cannot seem to export one single contact from Google i have to export the complete contact list. then when i import them into to the OSX system I cna only use apple address book so what will happen to my existing contacts??? do I risk corrupting the Address Book contact list?


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    A couple additional problems. The sync worked relatively well, except for the fact that because I used the import feature first, when I sync'd it created duplicates in my Google account, which was solved easily enough by merging them. Also, people with multiple email addresses and mailing addresses only had one transfer over to the address book.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Have the same problem. It creates a lot of duplicates each time it synchs with Google.

    I had turned the function off.

    Now I am trying to fix the mess this did in my AB, but it seem that it has gone crazy. I clean it. I come back next day and it is a mess again.

    Any idea of what is wrong?

    PS: I have MobileMe enabled.

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    Same thing happened to me. For me, it might be because I use iSync with my cell phone (Nokia E72) with Bluetooth, and usually iSync manually. With Google contact syncing enabled, it does it automatically. I cannot see how to control the frequency of that automatic sync.

    Each automatic sync fails with my phone because its Bluetooth isn't on and then iSync somehow generates numerous contact duplicates, apparently at random, on both Google contacts and within Address Book. At least Gmail has an option to find and merge contacts. Address Book is not so clever. Thankfully, Time Machine is!

    I just turned automatic sync to Google contacts off. Perhaps I'll just enable it and sync once every week or so, then turn it off again.

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