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I have multiple problems also when I create a video it start OK I put the image the sound then a tilte then when I'm adding another one the drag and drop doesn't work (like it was read only) impossible to add anything so I click on Project list and click right and here it's what it shows :

Like there is no project but If I play it it plays fine only way it's to delete and start again but it does it again and again.

Another issue is that for no reason during a making of a video (made form AAC audio and Images) it just stop me of doing anything like extending the time or even the panel option doesn't show !

See below :


The only way to go back to normal is to delete that project and start again but then it does it again !

Another exemple that you can't add effects here too :


and the only way to fix this issue is to edit the name of the project then it start to work again for few minutes :

I have 80.71Gb free space on my HD
I uninstall iMovie and re-install it (inc. deleted all preferences)
I did Repair Permissions using Onyx
I never use Garageband but I'm going to try that now
The only Third party plug-ins I have are Perian 1.1.4 and Flip4mac WMV (special Snow leopard)

PS: Bengt Wärleby technique doesn't help and doesn't work on that case.

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