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This is the first Apple certified “Works With iPhone 3G(S)” attached battery in the world! (Quote from their site)

I read this and other reviews and decided to pick one up. I loved it at first and then found some reviews claiming it messes with the phones reception. I then looked at mine and noticed it was down two bars where it is normally full. I tried several of my friends phones and it did the same thing. Does anyone else have one and notice the same drop in reception bars? Plus is this drop a real big deal?

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    I've seen other comments about this problem. Yes, down 2 bars is a big deal. For one it means the phone will use more power, thus partially negating the benefit of the added battery. It also means that dropped calls will be more likely.
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    I just find it funny that they say it went through what they called the "Apple Lab Testing Process" and they couldn't see this problem. I sent an e-mail to Mophie, lets see what they say. I already think I know what they will say
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    Absolutely agree,,, the mophie juice pack - while a great looking and theoretically great case/battery option - does, definately IMO impact iPhone reception. I didn't understand it either at first, but after many comparisons with other iPhones sans the device in same spots, etc, mine was typically 2-3 bars less. So, i've ditched the device and gone to a traditional inCase, speck, and otterbox designs and no issues. I've experienced many fewer drops and stronger signal strength. So, I'm a believer.
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    If you ditched the Mophine Juice air pack - the other you mention are only cases... what are you doing about your battery problem? As long as you got couple of bars, it doesn't use more resources as someone above mention, you still getting out. But then you can flip the switch and charge your battery when needed... I have been using Mophine juice air pack; and very happy with it.
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    I'm the one who said it uses more power if you have fewer bars. The transmitter in the phone adjusts its power output based on the strength of the incoming signal. The more bars, the less power is required from the transmitter and less power drain. The fewer bars more power is routed to the antenna and the battery drain increases - dramatically. a 3DB drop in signal strength doubles the power requirements to maintain a call. If you aren't on a call and aren't using cellular data services it isn't a big difference, but your call time can easily drop to half of the expected life with a 2 bar drop in signal strength.
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    I agree that the juice pack is critical for battery survival. However, the juice pack clearly markedly decreases signal in areas with poor signal overall, which is just about everywhere in San Francisco. Today I had no signal in one room, then removed the juice pack, and voila - 3 bars. I figured this out because everyone I know with ATT service had signal where I had none - no ability to use the phone for calls or email. Given the fact that this is the third juice pack I have had because the others stopped charging the phone, and they MUST know about this, its pretty disappointing. How come Apple hasnt figured this out?
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    The juice pack is NOT critical for survival. Some form of charger may be necessary for some people, but there are at least a dozen battery packs on the market that will recharge an iPhone without reducing signal strength. No need to use the one that DOES make your phone less useful. I have 2 battery packs that I carry sometimes, a Lenmar and a Kensington. I've used one or the other of them less than a half dozen times in the past year.

    If you have a Morphie and you use it regularly perhaps it is creating the need to use it regularly.
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    to Bob @ WV - true, cases only. I've managed by carefully monitoring 3G data connections and typically turning off location services, notifications, and wi-fi tracking when not in a hot spot/wi fi zone. Like others, I wish i didn't have to, but it works okay for me. Note, at present, I'm not a power business user like many others, nor am I traveling frequently to absolutely depend on a external source. Still - many external charge options are available which do not imped sig strength, etc. I love the juice pak, but do believe it impedes signal strength. If iPhone was on verizon, maybe not as big a deal, but ATT, where I am in FL, is spotty to begin with, hence, my choice. Hope this helps.
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    I just use the Juice Pack to recharge the iPhone battery when I need it. I don't bother to keep it on the phone all the time.

    Best of both worlds; the phone is smaller for normal use, there is no signal degradation caused by the external battery and I can quickly top up the battery in the failing iPhone when I need it.