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Using back up CDs I moved my itunes library from my old Windows pc to my new mac about a year ago and have been syncing the itunes library on the Mac with my new iphone since then. I've also added plenty of new songs to itunes on the Mac.
I would now like to get my dusty old 5th Gen ipod also to work on the new mac and to use the updated itunes library. (I've only ever used this ipod on the old Windows PC).
Am I right in thinking that I need to restore the ipod to factory condition by connecting it to the Windows PC before I then connect it to the Mac and sync it with the updated itunes library?
Or can I just connect it straight to the Mac, restore it there and then sync with the Mac's itunes?
Before I tackle this I'd like some advice please!
Thanks very much.

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    planb77 Level 7 Level 7 (32,270 points)
    Hello Isabel A,

    All you should have to do is restore the iPod via iTunes on your Mac. This will format the iPod for your Mac computer, wipe all the data from the iPod, and set it back to its original default settings.
    [Restoring iPod to factory settings|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1339]

    From there you can set your iPod up to sync however you wish with your Mac's iTunes library.

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    Thank you for your advice. I just connected the ipod to the Mac and it asked me if I wanted to wipe it and fill it with the Mac's itunes - which I did - so presumably that was effectively a 'Restore'. It still says the ipod is Windows format but it is obviously working fine with the Mac so I guess I can leave it as it is.
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    Jeff Bryan Level 9 Level 9 (61,785 points)
    If it is still Windows formatted, then your iPod wasn't restored as that would've changed it to Mac format.

    However, you don't necessarily have to reformat the iPod because a Windows iPod will work just fine on a Mac running OS X. Many folks leave it like that for the convenience of being able to use the iPod on both a Mac and a Windows machine, and I left my new Classic Windows formatted for months before I eventually reformatted.

    The one downside is that you won't be able to update the iPod software if you leave it Windows formatted unless you do it on a Windows PC. So, if you want to update and you only have access to a Mac, you'll need to reformat it.
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    Thanks Jeff. I've left it as it is without reformatting as it works fine for my needs for now. I understand now what I need to do if I want to update the software in future. Thanks for clarifying this for me.