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So yesterday my computer died, and the only way i could get it to work was after a complete system restore (back to factory everything) So I lost all my music and everything, i had just over 10 gigs of music. It is still all on my phone, but how do i get it back on my computer? I'm worried if i hook up my phone to iTunes i will loose all my music!! What do i do? HELP!

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    What you +should have done+ was to have a backup of your HDD on an external drive, which you could easily restore all your data from. Please consider that for the future! The iPhone is not a backup device, and sync of iTunes media content is one way, meaning when you sync to a new computer, the content on the iPhone will be deleted. The only way to reverse that process is with 3rd party software. Try googling TouchCopy.
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    I have another question too, how do i get pics that i loaded on to the phone off of it? not ones ive taken
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    The photo sync is one way: Computer to phone. You need third party software. Note: Photos synced to your phone were reduced in resolution to display on your phone's screen. No way to restore their original resolution.
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    Same problem here - luckily we had a copy of the photo's on the laptop and luckily, when we sync'd with the laptop for the first time, all contact data etc was not deleted, but calendar data seems to have gone missing, and it was just as well app & music & podcast & video boxes weren't ticked, or it seems we would have lost those, too. 'have just downloaded the iPhone manual, but it seems not to cover this situation ... so not sure what to do now - don't want to loose those as well !!
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    PS: wife's iPhone still has a full set of data, and we sync'd both just a few days before the iMac died - so won't be sync'ing hers just yet !