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I have several different formats (itunes purchased movies and tv shows, as well as:.mpg, .mp4, .avi, .divx files) and for the past two days they all playback out of sync in terms of audio and video. i.e. the Video is about 2 seconds ahead of the audio in all formats and with all players (itunes 9.0.2, QT player 10, QT pro 7, vlc). i have not updated to itunes 9.0.3.

I use an external harddrive for my media library, so to verify if that was the problem i played some movie files from my internal harddrive which are also exhibiting the out of sync problem. Legit movies, ripped movies, not so legit movies, tv shows, etc all playback out of sync... any ideas? (ps DVD's do not play out of sync in dvd player)

Thanks for any help.

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    Hello Juiceky

    Just to let you know it is not just you.

    I too have mp4 DVD Rips of my collection that also play out of sync in iTunes.

    However, If I play them in WMP or WMC then they are fine so there is a definate problem with iTunes somewhere.

    Also, I have upgraded iTunes to 9.0.3 and still have the problem.

    Bye for now