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Hi - I have a mac mini solo with 1GB RAM and recently installed iLife (except for Garage Band). iMovie seems to work OK, but will not save projects. When I put together a project (photos and videos shot with my Canon Power Shot) from iPhoto and DV clips from my Panasonic video camera all seems to work well except that full screen play is slow to start. If close the project and quit iMovie and then open it again the project is gone from the application windows and from the menu on the left side of the screen. It is on the hard drive in the right place, however, but the file size is small - nothing saved.

I know that many have reported this problem - but does anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks much in advance

mac mini solo, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 1gb RAM
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    David Lopez Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I'm having this same problem a lot. I teach, and my students keep losing their work, its very frustrating.

    Anyone know of a work around or plugin that will let you Save the file??
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    The only work-around that I found was to assemble the video on iMovie 09 and then export it to QuickTime or some other choice on the export menu when it was finished or when I had to take a break. Then if I needed to work on it some more, I imported it to a new project worked and then repeated the earlier drill.

    If the video was finished in one session, I just burned it to a DVD.

    Mainly, I've switched back to iMovie 06HD and when I do "move up" to a more advanced program, I'll go to Final Cut Express.

    Hope this helps.
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    I find it ridiculous that this program does not include a save option. It is obvious that these programmers do not test their product either, otherwise they would include something so simple.

    We recently purchased a brand new MAC Pro 4.1 8-core blah blah blah......
    Everything is out of the box, and iMovie cannot save my project correctly. It is ridiculous unproductive and a huge disappointment. Especially since we just decided to go with MAC instead of our usual PC's.

    I hate having to go back a rework my product when something as simple as a SAVE BUTTON would have sufficed.
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    agreed. iMovie crashed on a project i was working on, i thought....oh well, at least it automatically saved it for me. when i opened up the project again, hours of editing work had been lost.

    no telling when this program chooses to save. a simple save button would have been helpful.
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    I've abandoned iMovie 09 and gone back to 06. When I get a new Mac sometime, I'll jump to FCE (maybe)
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    Update iMovie and it will be fixed (for me, this bug is gone when I update to 8.02).
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    Michael Brown12 Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
    My present work around for the lack of a Save command is to do all my work off of a FW drive. Using the Project window I drag a copy of my iMovie project to the FW drive as a back up and work on that one for a while. Then I drag it to my internal drive and work on it there. Always, there is a recent back up on the "other" drive. All of the support files stay on the FW drive so I can use it on a third computer--and have yet another recent back up.

    All this, however, would not be necessary had Apple not idiotically and callously removed the 30 year-old File>Save command from this application. That command is perhaps the only common command in all software--Mac, Windows, Linex, BeOS, you name it. Apple, in its nauseating drive to force people to Final Cut Express, sliced it off. It probably took them forever to find it in the code.

    Although it may not help much, write Apple how absurd it is not to have a File>Save option--as every piece of software in the last 30 years has had.
    In another post, I mentioned that the lack of a Save option in iMovie was inexcusable and was hauled over the coals for such a suggestion. So be prepared for some ignorant people to disagree that we don't need to save our work nor need to pick where to save it.
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    Sam Beaver Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)
    did the imovie update really fix it?
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    Hey, Apple, Why don't you give us a workaround on this HUGE problem until you get it fixed?! There really is no reason to even use this very flawed program if it cannot save your work. I can see a document that seems to be the right size, but, without you folks speaking up (can we all say POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE?), there is no way I can see to get that opened in iMovie. Are you paying attention to how many people here are having problems? Why aren't you answering?
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    physically, there is no 'save my project' button, but is actually set to save at some time interval. but that does not excuse the fact that there should be that option.